US A'SYCK introduces general lighting products.

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Light bulb type LED "AL-5000 series"
Developed and Released for Production

Uji-city, Kyoto - A’SYCK Co., Ltd. with headquarters in Uji-city,
Kyoto, Japan and offices in Irvine, California, USA are entering the US market with a series of Custom and Semi-Custom LED products that include Tri-color SMT products, and High Output LED Lighting Units.

The "AL-5000 series" utilizes LED technology with an E26 base measuring 50mm x 77mm. (Flat type measures 54mm.)

Light bulb type LED with 5 LEDs are capable of emitting the colors Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Turquoise and White.
Light bulb type LED with 15 LEDs is capable of emitting the colors Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, White and Warm White.

The 15 LED Warm White version produces over 75 lx of light, and the White version produces over 129 lx of light with an expected life of 30,000 hours.

This light bulb type LED allows for installation in showcases, commercial lighting applications and standard 110V wall outlets.

Key Features
Light bulb type LED
Five or Fifteen LED versions
Rated Voltage is 120 V AC
Power Consumption is 0.6-1 W

For More Information, Contact: Ray Ponkey, Director, Sales & Marketing US A’SYCK, CORP. One Park Plaza, Suite 600, Irvine, California 92614 Cell: (1)248-345-7795 Fax: (1)248-305-5764


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