And the winner is… Lighthouse Screens

April 17, 2007
Date Announced: 17 Apr 2007 Awards events provide several of the annual highlights of the UK performing arts industry and Lighthouse Screens have enjoyed a high profile at two of the most recent, the Brit Awards and the TPi Awards. 14th February 2007 saw the Brit Awards take place at London’s Earl’s Court. With the event happening on St Valentine's Day, Lighthouse’s heart-shaped screen was naturally a star of the show. Broadcast live on ITV 1 to an audience of millions, the 12 panels x14 panels Lighthouse R16 screen measuring 12.72 x 10.64 m dominated the Brits' stage while a second, rectangular R16 screen, measuring 12 panels x 9 panels (12.72 x 6.85 m) was positioned stage left, upstage of one of the two performance areas.XL Video supplied the screens and control system. XL’s new portable production unit featured a mixture of live camera footage, VT play-ins and graphics and control for the screens, based around a Grass Valley HD Kayak mixer and GV LDK 8000 high definition cameras, three of which were used on the production. A further 10 HD feeds from broadcasters CTV were also fed into the system, which was used for the live stage IMAG mix.Those who work behind the scenes in the production industry received credit earlier that month, at the TPi Awards, at the Novotel London West in Hammersmith, where Lighthouse Technologies sponsored the Favourite Video Services Company category, won by XL Video.Making its debut on the production, video specialists The Picture Works was keen to make an impact at the event, which was being staged ‘in the round’. A total of 80 Lighthouse 16 mm panels were arranged as four 5.x 3.04 m high screens, plus a central Lighthouse R6 6 mm screen, measuring 3.80 x 3.40 m.Lighthouse provided a further 1.90 x 2.40 m 6 mm screen in the event foyer, showing a loop of the previous year’s covers from Total Production, the event’s parent magazine.The screens for the main awards production showed a mixture of live camera footage (from three remotely controlled pan/tilt and three handheld digital cameras) and awards nominee’s graphics. Control was via Lighthouse LIP-KX processors and the system included a matrix, which allowed the feed to display on any screen.With video director Richard Shipman and Digital Insanity duo Richard Bagshaw and Kate Perring at the helm, the Lighthouse screens spent the evening wowing the usually blasé audience of industry professionals. “We wanted to provide something visually different, but with it being in front of all our business colleagues we were under a certain amount of pressure,” laughed The Picture Works owner, Robin Wealleans. “Ensuring that every member of a 1200-strong audience could see in a room with pillars made for a challenging build, but I was delighted with the result. The screens looked fine, I was very happy.”Mark Cunningham, Total Production editor and TPi Awards creative director added: "The combination of the extremely high quality of the Lighthouse screens, the expertise of The Picture Works and the creativity of Richard Shipman and the Digital Insanity team resulted in a world-class production for the TPi Awards this year. We are very grateful for Lighthouse's support."Lighthouse Technologies Limited is a leading LED technology developer, manufacturer and global supplier of state-of-the-art LED modular video panels, which can be assembled into large-scale video screens for indoor and outdoor use. Specializing in the research and manufacture of LED video screens, Lighthouse has its own intellectual properties with more than 10 active patents worldwide and is committed to remain as the premier creator of intellectual property value. The company’s LED components, panels and complete video systems undergo stringent quality control with power-on, burn-in processes at ISO9000-certified manufacturing plants. Its products have won several international awards, among them, the Best New Product Award at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in 2002 and the Buzz of the Show award at InfoComm 2004 in Atlanta, 2005 IBC Exhibition Design Award, the Technological Achievement Certificate of Merit in the 2003 Hong Kong Awards for Industry as well as the prestigious Consumer Product Design Award and the HKITCC Certificate of Merit in Technological Achievement in the 1999 Hong Kong Awards for Industry. Lighthouse was also recognized as one of the Fastest Growing Technology Companies in the 2002 Deloitte Technology Fast 250. Lighthouse operates worldwide, through sales offices and technical support teams in the United States, Canada, South America, United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. For more information, please visit

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