New LDDE products at ProLight&Sound and Showtech 2007

April 17, 2007
Date Announced: 17 Apr 2007 Austrian manufacturer LDDE Vertriebs GmbH launched a wide range of LED products for the professional theatre, television and entertainment application at ProLight&Sound Frankfurt and Showtech Berlin in 2007. You can also find us at: Showtech Berlin from 19.06.-22.06.2007, Hall 1, Booth 335. Here are the details of the products.SpectraWow+40W high power RGB LED spotlight with "SoftEdge" lens systemAfter a period in the development LDDE have produced a revolutionary LED spotlight. The SpectraWow+ implement an internal RGB integrated colour-mixing system based on Lamina High Power Technology with smooth operator technology inside.The honeycomb lens-system guarantees an even light-beam distribution. Changeable Lens-Tubus systems modules are available in 20°, 30° and 45°.The valuable features of this fixture make it perfect for any lighting applications such as exhibitions, TV studios, theatres and shopping centers. Lighting applications indoor or outside gives this fixture a new light characteristic and ensures that the full colour spectrum comes out of one optical system.This superior performance, in combination with its reliability and features, make the SpectraWow an ideal all-round fixture.The features:smooth 0-100% dimmingSOC technologyabsolutely flicker freeDMX512 ControlMulticore connectors for easy build-upSpectraWow MKII 18 W high power RGB(W,A) LED spotlight with changeable lens moduleThe new SpectraWow MKII offers endless creative possibilities with full color mixing. This LED fixture has several advantages: it has a reduced dimension of only 80 x 130 mm, a compact design and more output than standard fixtures. Another feature is the changeable lens modules in 10°, 30° and 50°. The SpectraWow MKII is available in different housing colors ( black, white andgrey). Ideal applications are architectural and television studios.The features:smooth 0-100% dimmingSOC technologyabsolutely flicker-freeDMX512 ControlMulticore Connectors for easy build-upSpectraLed72*Line, SpectraLed144*Line 72 W RGBAW color mixing system 144W RGBAW colour-mixing system with changeable lens module with changeable lens moduleThe SpectraLed 72&144 lines is a reliable, compact, stylish LED color-changing line with incredible brightness and red, green, blue, amber and white selecting of high powerLEDs. There are two different lengths available in 120 and 60 cm. The integrated SOC technology facilitates continuous brightness control from 0-100%.This technology is a must in all professional theatre production where slow fades are required. With a dimension of only 600 x 115 x 80 mm, LDDE offers the smallest high power line System on the market! Changeable lens modules in 10°, 25° and 50° makes this product ideal for theatres, TV and entertainment applications.the features:compact designSOC technologyflicker-freestrobe effect up to 25Hz.3.8 kg (SL72) 8 kg (SL144)DMX512 controlMulticore connectors for easy build-upCompatible with SpectraConnecT5 systemSpectraConnecT5 first T5 RGBW color mixing system with real 0-100% dimmingAt Plasa Show 2006 in London LDDE launched the re-design from the Plasa Award Winner Product 2005. The SpectraConnecT5 is available in an aluminium profile and a modular OLED user interface.On the display, the user can select all needed settings such as address, test modes,snapshots and stand-alone mode. Further, this OLED display indicates the status of theDMX and overheat.the features:RGBW Color mixing 4 x 35 W/T50-100% dimming20 ms reacting time each tubesonly 175 W total powerSOC technologystrobe functionflicker freeDMX512 controlMulticore connectors for easy build-upCompatible with SpectraLed72* and 144* line

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