EDG research reports large area display market growing but it could slow

April 3, 2007
Date Announced: 03 Apr 2007 The large area display and information systems industry has had a steady history of successful growth from 2001-2005. From 2001-2004, the market for large area displays grew at an average annual rate of 12%. But for 2005, the market grew by 19% reaching $3.2 billion. Reasons for the increased growth include the deployment of advertising system displays by the major outdoor billboard companies. According to market research firm EDG Research in its recently released report Large Area Displays & Information Systems, the commercial market still accounted for 36% of the large area display market in 2006. EDG Research warns that as large area display pricing continues to fall ahead of demand and the possibility of buying patterns from key display users change, the market may enter a period of slower or zero growth. For the next five years, growth rates may be expected to be in the range of 10-12% per year. However, even with these lower growth rates, the market is still expected to reach $6.1 billion in 2011, twice the level of 2006. Emerging applications such as advertising networks, mobile rental and sports will drive growth. The new EDG Research report is the twelfth report from the company on large area displays and information systems (LADIS) applications and markets. It analyzes the LADIS market in depth, from both the demand side and the supply side, profiling 389 companies worldwide. An overview of the main markets and technologies is provided with five-year market forecasts for each market application and technology product type. Large Area Displays & Information Systems 2007 is available for immediate delivery from EDG Research for $4,950.00. More information on the report is available by contacting Peter Pihos or Terry Lee at 301-777-9889 or at [email protected] in 1982, EDG Research specializes in market research and strategic consulting in the field of Large Area Displays.

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