Watchfire Goes Green with Air Conditioning-Less Digital Billboards

July 20, 2007
Date Announced: 20 Jul 2007 Most energy efficient LED billboard manufacturedDANVILLE, Ill. – As temperatures soar through most of the United States, people seek relief by cranking air conditioners and turning fans on high. Many digital billboards, those using LEDs instead of vinyl or paper, also must use air conditioners to keep complex mechanisms cool and dry. Except those made by Watchfire Digital Outdoor (, the digital billboard manufacturer that does not require the use of air conditioning units in any situation. The inherent design makes Watchfire digital billboards more environmentally friendly than others on the market because they require less electricity.In addition to not requiring air conditioning, Watchfire Digital Outdoor manufactures the only 14’ x 48’ LED billboard that requires less than 200 amps to power the board. Requiring just 188 amps of power at peak, Watchfire Digital Outdoor are the most energy efficient digital billboards made today.“Avoiding air conditioning units on Watchfire digital billboards translates to significant cost savings throughout their lifetime,” according to Darrin Friskney, director of Watchfire Digital Outdoor. “Air conditioning units are expensive to operate because they require additional electricity. They also add up-front costs, extra weight on the overall structure, and they require ongoing service.”Watchfire Digital Outdoor doesn’t require air conditioning units on its digital billboards because it is the only manufacturer that produces LED modules that are completely encapsulated in a bed of silicone gel. The silicone protects components from moisture in the form of rain and humidity and enables superior reliability and performance. Because of the exclusive encapsulation and engineering design, the LED boards can operate in extreme conditions: 180 days completely submerged in water, 60 days in a salt-spray chamber, and temperatures ranging from -40° F to 120° F. Watchfire has signs operating in desert climates and in the coastal southern United States where heat and humidity are both high. In these areas, Watchfire signs never enter the temperature range that calls for cooling units and the silicone gel protects the boards from humidity and moisture. All Watchfire Digital Outdoor billboards are backed by a five-year warranty.“Although there have been droughts in the east and west, Oklahoma has had record rainfall this year, so it’s great to know that Watchfire Digital Outdoor boards have been tested so stringently,” said Justin Booher, president of Vital Signs in Oklahoma City. “LED billboards are a significant investment, so it’s important that the modules and connections are protected to keep the boards running and generating revenue. Watchfire has created a super reliable product that is smartly engineered. I’m confident no matter the temperature, amount of rain or humidity, my Watchfire digital billboard will work.”Watchfire Digital Outdoor produced a documentary of a billboard installation as a guide for outdoor advertisers who want to learn more about digital billboards. A free DVD of the documentary is available at or by calling 866-949-9282.About Watchfire Digital OutdoorWatchfire Digital Outdoor engineers and manufactures the most durable and dependable digital billboards available anywhere. Watchfire Digital Outdoor produces the industry’s only 19mm pixel pitch billboard, which is capable of producing 281 trillion colors, the most in the industry. The company has thousands of outdoor LED signs in daily operation throughout North America. Watchfire digital billboards allow outdoor advertising companies to generate substantially more revenue per board by selling the same space to multiple advertisers who can use the technology to create more effective outdoor advertising than ever before possible. Watchfire Digital Outdoor is located in Danville, Ill.

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