JKL Components wedge-base LEDs offer ease of replacement.

July 2, 2007
Date Announced: 02 Jul 2007 PACOIMA, CA -- JKL Components Corporation, an established provider of lighting technologies, today announces the addition of LED wedge based lamps to its growing line of based LED lamps. The new models are available in a variety of colors to include; bright white, amber, red, blue, green, as well as ultraviolet. Both 12 and 24 volt versions come in T 1-3/4 (series LE-0504) and T-3 ¼ (series LE-0503) sizes. The based LED’s are ideal for applications that require a reduction in maintenance and energy costs, as well as applications where high shock and lamp durability are factors.Changing from incandescent to solid-state technology offers many cost benefits. The based LED’s are not subject to breaking and other failure modes associated with incandescent filament lamps, and maintenance costs are minimized by eliminating the need for continued replacement. Applications that will benefit from the new based LED’s include the automotive, gaming, marine and avionics industries. LED replacement wedge-based lamps are ideal for harsh environments as well as for aging equipment that requires efficient, long-life lighting technologies. The LED’s offer lifetimes of up to 100,000 hours. Pricing begins at $.29 in production quantities. Individual pieces are available from the JKL Components Corporation website, at jkllamps.com.

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