Neo-Neon™ International reports 50 W COB array capable of emitting 3741 lumens

Oct. 18, 2007
Date Announced: 18 Oct 2007 [This is a company press release. LEDs Magazine has requested additional information from the company.]Hong Kong, P.R. China – Neo-Neon™ International has achieved revolutionary breakthrough in luminance of COB (Chip-On-Board) Solid-State Lighting, capable of emitting 3741Lm (Lumens).Neo-Neon™ International, a public listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX 1868), announced a revolutionary breakthrough in the development of core LED Technologies pertaining to solid-state lighting (SSL).As a global leader in the advanced LED technology, Neo-Neon™ has devoted considerable time, energy, and resources to satisfy the market demand for new high power applications of LED based SSL. Relentless efforts has been exerted and ultimately crowned with succeed by the introduction of this new core technology. In September 2007, we consummated testing our new 50W high power COB (Chip-On-Board) LED Module. The results proved conclusively that this new 50W COB WLED (White LED) reaches new heights in lumens efficiency. With an astounding 3741 lumen consistently produced by our new 50W LED, the luminous efficacy is comparable to that of 7 pieces of 50W incandescent lamps. Compared to the existing white LEDs, whose luminous flux average around 1356Lm, Neo-Neon’s new 50W COB White LED produces 2385 lumens more. Part of the success of this new and exciting breakthrough stems from the structural design, the combination of a 10 x 10 array of 100pcs of LED chips and subtly deploying an advanced re-flow process and precise constant current control. Neo-Neon™ intends to exploit this new technology in an entirely new range of products which will tap a new market ready for applying LED as a replacement to high energy consuming incandescent and discharge lamps. The applications that will benefit from this technology cover architectural, general, and commercial illumination.This core technology was developed to sate the growing global need for energy conservation where LED technology is bound to be tomorrow’s solution.

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