TARMLED 4 x 4 video tiles

Oct. 4, 2007
Date Announced: 04 Oct 2007 TARMLED 4x4 video tiles come equipped with 3-in-1, 3 watt, SMD-LEDs designed for indoor and outdoor use, and deliver outstanding quality video images, even in direct sunlight.Their highly transparent (82%), lightweight, modular, aluminum, grid structures can be assembled into various configurations, such as cylindrical shells or wavy surfaces.Individual tiles are interconnected via daisy-chaining involving just a single cable that transmits both the necessary drive power and electronic control signals.Thanks to their low wind distortions and viewing angle of 140° x 140°, they represent top-quality LED modules for high-end applications, designed and made in Germany.TARMLED 4x4 video tiles and their interconnections are fully IP65 compliant, thanks to their passive cooling system. They are self-contained units, i.e., incorporate all of the electronics need for their operation, measure just 418 mm x 418 mm, have a pixel pitch of 100 mm, and weigh just 13 kg (28.8 lb.) per square meter. Video signals may be provided either via a LAN or in the form of DVI signals.

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