Connectorized plastic fiber reflector/ fiber mirror

Oct. 5, 2007
Date Announced: 05 Oct 2007 Connectorized plastic fiber reflector (mirror) is used as a reflectivity reference for reflected optical signal measurement in plastic optical fiber networks. Also, this fiber component can be used in fiber interferometers and optical delay lines. Plastic multi-mode fiber pigtail is are assembled with high quality optical connector to ensure good reproducibility of connections and broadband flat reflectivity spectrum. Different fiber pigtail lengths (10 cm to 100 m) and optical connectors are available. Testing report is provided for each device.- medium operating power (upto 500 mW)- operating wavelengths: 400-1000 nm- FC/PC; SMA or ST connectorized- high reflectivity: ~90%Please contact WT&T sales for further details.

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