Barco LEDs dress Rascal Flatts’ “Still Feels Good” Tour

Oct. 18, 2007
Date Announced: 18 Oct 2007 -- With “surround” structures in place for video, Rascal Flatt’s “Still Feels Good” set goes far beyond an immersive experience, and directly into the realm of a 3D concert experience.Sacramento, CA — Barco, a leading manufacturer in display technology, announces that Nashville-based I-Mag Video selected a full complement of Barco LED gear for Rascal Flatts’ current “Still Feels Good” tour. The expansive main stage is comprised of 154 plexiglass “decks,” each of which includes 18 Barco MiTRIX LED tiles. This provides a solid and expansive foundation for video imagery on which the band members perform, plus an E-shaped “dog pound” area for up-close audience contact. Four huge cylinders line the rear of the stage, each clad with MiTRIX tiles. Above the stage in a dramatic thunderbird motif, 96 Barco OLite 510 tiles provide the palette for the concert’s main video content. Below the primary thunderbird, secondary thunderbird “wings” thrust out to the sides and well up into the risers. These wings are also dressed with MiTRIX modules on both sides. All told, over 4400 MiTRIX modules are used. The set was designed by Bruce Rodgers, president of Tribe Inc., and winner of the prestigious 2006 Parnelli “Set Designer of the Year” award. “I tried to solve all of Rascal Flatt’s needs,” noted Rodgers. “We wanted 360, we wanted audience interaction, and we wanted the people in back and to the sides to have the same great show as the people out front. And out of this came the thunderbird vibe and the wings.” For the tour, Steve Daniels, owner of Nashville’s I-MAG Video, organized the design of a delivery system that piped the highest resolution video throughout the set. “The set posed challenges in terms of aspect ratios and playout,” explained Daniels. “Our goal was to facilitate this electronically, at the highest resolution. By using Barco’s new DX-700, we reduced the number of LED digitizers, and processed the video at a much higher bit rate.” Steve Scorse, Barco’s VP of Sales and Marketing for the Media & Entertainment Division, summed up the excitement that is designed into the Rascal Flatts’ set. “This is a country tour where the video elements rival, if not surpass, those of the largest rock tours, and it takes country music to a new scale.” About I-MAG Video Created in 1990, I-MAG enjoys a reputation as one of the nation's leading live event production companies. Specializing in LED walls, touring, staging, rentals, projection, content production, Hi-Definition HD, motion graphics and non-linear editing, I-MAG is more than just a "hardware" company. All I-MAG personnel are well versed in the idea that you have to understand the "hardware" and the "software" before you can take full advantage of what they both have to offer. By implementing this creed, clients are provided with the very best of each discipline —utilizing the latest technologies and the most qualified personnel to make every project seamless from conception to final presentation. Visit for more information.

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