SolarOne fixture lowers the cost of outdoor area solar lighting projects

Dec. 12, 2007
Date Announced: 12 Dec 2007 -- Shoebox Series with Advanced LED Optics Offers Spacing and Uniformity AdvantagesLighting parking lots and pathways with outdoor solar-powered lighting has just become far more affordable. Outdoor lighting projects that use the new Shoebox Fixture with HL750 Lamps by the solar lighting industry leader, SolarOne® Solutions will enjoy higher quality lighting, and considerably reduced project costs because fewer light fixtures can achieve superior lighting results. Using dedicated precision LED optics, light distribution and uniformity can be controlled with far greater accuracy. With fewer fixtures needed to light the same area, project costs are reduced dramatically. With so many Shoebox design light fixtures already installed on campuses, institutions and commercial properties, specifiers will appreciate the familiar Shoebox Series form factor because it easily complements Shoebox fixtures already in place. And the Shoebox Series fixture offers a bolt-on design that will allow for more flexibility in mounting to tapered, wood or concrete poles. Fewer Fixtures Yield Better Lighting CharacteristicsThe Shoebox Series Systems are available in 4 different lamping configurations of increasing intensity to fit nearly any outdoor application, from the economical HL750 to the powerful HL3000. Using common pole spacing, the ShoeBox series system will meet Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) recommended light levels while offering far better uniformity than listed in the guidelines. . For example, using a 4 fixture square grid with 75' on center spacing, HL2250 (three-lamp) Shoebox Series Systems can achieve an average of .5 FC levels with a uniformity of 2.5 average to minimum. Spaced at 40' the systems can achieve the minimum one foot candle levels with a 1.36 average to minimum ratio.“Because the eye does not adapt well to variations in light levels over an area, lighting experts emphasize the importance of uniformity over brightness”, says SolarOne’s Director of Marketing and Sales, Ilze Greene. “Our Shoebox Series offers unprecedented uniformity.” SolarOne reports that, depending on the scenario, specifiers have been able to reduce the number of fixtures in their solar layout by as much as half, while providing better overall lighting.Lighting designers will enjoy the precise control of light distribution with the HL750. The lamps are available in both Type 3 and Type 5 distribution and meet full cut-off requirements of the IESNA AND IDA- virtually eliminating light pollution.The Shoebox Series Overhead Light is suitable for a large variety of applications, including: pathways, sidewalks, waiting areas, low-security parking lots, and campuses. The system includes solar panel, two-axis adjustable panel mounting system, Shoebox style fixture, one to four high-efficiency LED lamps, NEMA 3R battery enclosure, 116 or 232 amp-hour sealed battery, SO-Bright™ advanced lighting controls. Fitting can be reconfigured to complement a variety of applications, pole types and sizes. All SolarOne SO-Bright™ systems now offer MPT (Max Power Tracking) that improve efficiency by 30% more than conventional controllers when and where it is most needed.“The new Shoebox is just another example of SolarOne’s dedication to providing grid-independent lighting solutions that meet professional lighting standards with its state-of-the art technology” says Moneer Azzam, SolarOne® Solutions President, “We have good reason to believe it will radically broaden the market for solar powered lighting”About SolarOne Solutions SolarOne® Solutions provides simple and effective autonomous solar powered solutions for high value commercial applications. SolarOne Solutions has consistently led the industry in innovation: it was the first solar powered lighting company to offer max power tracking, and the first to use solar powered LED lighting for general illumination. In 2006, SolarOne Solutions won first place for new product design at LightFair, the most prestigious lighting competition in the U.S. The company's patent-pending SO-Bright Control Technology enables its HL (High Lumen) LED lamps to provide general outdoor illumination with unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

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