Light Beam Industries creates white light from plastic

June 25, 2007
Date Announced: 25 Jun 2007 PLASTIC LIGHT - LEC (Light Emitting Converter)Eugene, Oregon -- Light Beam Industries, LLC has developed a new solid state light emitting plastic. The LEC (Light Emitting Converter) material is based on patents by inventor Daniel Naum. This new substance uses fluorescent laser dyes and solid statelight sources in conjunction with optical waveguides to generate multicolored or white light in a new innovative way. For images go to light is generated by wavelength shifting through a photoptic process of absorption and emission in the plastic material, which is a cross linked polymer. The shorter wavelengths of light from the solid state emitting source are absorbed completely, or partially if so desired, and re-emitted as light at longer wavelengths. LEC material has a wide range of lighting potential, as well as energy saving applications such as improving solar cell efficiency. Other uses include architectural lighting, instrument panels and switches, as well as, solid state laser dye rods.Future R&D will focus on nano-crystalline lasing structures incorporated in a plastic matrix (paint-on nano lasers) with further potential applications in lighting, solar collection, visual displays as well as search and rescue.Light Beam Industries, LLC specializes in eco-friendly high performance Fiber Optic Lighting Systems. Utilizing our patented technologies, we are able to provide the most innovative and efficient products including Illuminators, Fiber, Light Panels, Fluorescent Material (LEC’s) as well as solid-state custom lighting projects.Our mission is to provide the world with superior products and services, using innovative solutions that improve the efficiency of lighting with fiber optics and cold light technologies to satisfy our customer needs, in an eco-friendly manner.

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