Power LEDs from Pacer offer exceptional spatial uniformity & low thermal resistance

June 28, 2007
Date Announced: 28 Jun 2007 Pacer International Ltd (www.pacer.co.uk) has announced the availability of a new generation of 10W Lednium high power LEDs together with a new surface mount package option for its popular 1W series.Both series, from TT Optek, offer high luminance, exceptional spatial uniformity and water clear lenses. Offering a wide operating temperature range from -50°C to +85°C, applications for the Lednium LEDs include solid-state lighting, automotive exterior and interior lighting, architectural lighting, and electronic signs and signals.The OVTL09LG3x 10W Lednium series offers significant advantages over its predecessor, the OVTL09LGA series. Thermal resistance has been greatly reduced from 5°C/W to 2.5°C/W (junction to board). Package size has been reduced while keeping the footprint the same. Available in amber, blue, green, red, cool white, daylight white, warm white and multicoloured options, each LED offers a wide 120° viewing angle. Competitively priced, the new generation LEDs are available from stock, with full performance data. Providing lighting design engineers with a new package option for their high brightness surface mount 1W LED, the OVTL01LGAxS Lednium series has longer leads than the original OVTL01LGA series. The new design allows the LED package to be mounted flat on a printed circuit board, saving engineers time and manufacturing cost, while improving the stability of the LED package on the PC board. The series offers a full 140° viewing angle and is available in amber, blue, green, red, cool white and daylight white options. The new 1W LEDs feature an ultra-low thermal resistance of 2°C/W. The OVTL01LGAxS Series packages measure just 6.00mm x 5.10mm x 1.56mm.Pacer own-brand products include opto modules and displays. Pacer offers customised opto and display solutions, and full design and manufacturing services for its customers. The company also provides comprehensive distribution of components, displays and systems, through strategic partnerships with principal suppliers.

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