SolarOne Delivers Another Boost in Efficiency for Solar Powered Lighting with the SO-Bright MPT System Manager

Sept. 20, 2007
Date Announced: 20 Sep 2007 Next Generation Lighting ManagerDelivers up to a 30% Increase in Charging EfficiencyFramingham, MA – September 20, 2007 – SolarOne Solutions, LLC today announced the launch of its new SO-Bright™ Max Power Tracking (MPT) Lighting Controller. The SO-Bright™ Maximum Power Tracking (MPT) Lighting Controller is the electronic brains of SolarOne’s SO-Bright™ Solar Powered Lighting Systems. During the day, the controller delivers up to 30% more charging current than other standard controllers, using a temperature compensated 3-stage charging algorithm. At night it provides advanced lighting functions, allowing users to control timing, light levels and energy management options. Specifically designed to be used with SolarOne’s HL LED Lamps, the MPT’s operation is fully automatic. The controller is pre-programmed with a specific end-user lighting profile at the factory and arrives at the installation site ready to use. Users are able to change or modify the profile as well as run system diagnostics using an infra-red remote control without opening the battery enclosure or having to access the top of the pole. The SO-Bright™ MPT Lighting Controller is an integrated part of the SO-Bright™ Technology package that drives SolarOne’s Lighting Systems and that is included in qualified fixtures made by SolarOne partners, such as Hadco®/Genlyte.About MPTProper solar lighting design mandates that the system operates through the longest night/shortest day when the light is on the longest and the solar panel provides the least amount of charge. Under this condition the needs of the battery are not always well matched to the power characteristics of the solar panel. The SO-Bright MPT algorithm essentially marries the power characteristics of the two devises, ensuring that the maximum amount of energy available from the solar panel finds its way into the battery. SolarOne has measured over 30% improvement in charging efficiency with this unit. “Winter in the northern latitudes is the greatest challenge for solar powered lighting. The system is required to work through extended night time hours and has fewer daytime hours to collect and store energy.” explains Ilze Greene, Marketing Director at SolarOne. “This advancement in solar powered lighting control addresses charging efficiency when and where our customers need it most. Users will benefit by being able to use smaller, more cost effective modules without compromising on power or aesthetics.” SO-Bright™ TechnologySolarOne’s So-Bright™ Technology now featuring MPT is already finding its way into landmark lighting projects in New York, New Jersey and Idaho. SO-Bright™ Technology is currently available in SolarOne® branded lighting systems and select fixtures from Hadco® Lighting. The development of the SO-Bright MPT System Manger is part of SolarOne’s efforts to bring solar powered lighting into the mainstream, providing clean, white, effective light without site disruption, trenching or the emission of greenhouse gases.About SolarOne Solutions, LLCSolarOne, LLC deploys solar technology systems across the globe for a wide range of applications and customers including major college campuses, government laboratories and municipalities. SolarOne offers overhead lights for pathways, sidewalks, parking lots and bus shelters. Relying on solar panels, SolarOne® lights operate independently of traditional electric grids for their power source, ensuring that they will remain lit, even during grid-connected power shortages. Additionally, their independent power source enables them to be sited flexibly and installed easily, without incurring significant expenses, such as trenching and repaving. For further information on SolarOne® visit, or contact Ilze Greene at [email protected] or Toll Free 877-527-6461.

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