Labsphere expands SLMS LED line of precision LED measurement systems

Sept. 20, 2007
Date Announced: 20 Sep 2007 Labsphere, Inc (North Sutton, NH, USA) is pleased to announce its new line of SLMS LED Systems, the SLMS LED xx51 Series. This line of LED test and measurement systems feature Labsphere’s new CDS 510 CCD spectrometer and LS LED Sockets for spectral results from 350 – 1050 nm in milliseconds.The additions of the CDS 510 and the LS LED Sockets are part of Labsphere’s drive to reduce the time it takes to accurately test and characterized LEDs. The SLMS LED xx51 Systems combine intuitive software with high-speed hardware to simplify the complex process of LED testing while the LS LED Sockets ensure easy, repeatable loading of LEDs for testing. “Customers are asking for systems that are fast and easy to use. They shouldn’t have to compromise the accuracy of their results for this,” stated Greg McKee, Labsphere’s Product Manager for Light Metrology. “We’re continually trying to find ways to help customers test LEDs more efficiently regardless of the testing environment.” Labsphere’s CDS 510 is designed for total spectral flux, luminous flux, radiometric flux, and colorimetric measurements. Labsphere’s LS LED Sockets are designed to test five of the most popular LEDs on the market today. The LS LED Sockets enable an LED to be loaded and ready to test in less than five seconds. The SLMS LED systems conform to internationally accepted standards, including CIE 84 and the CIE 127 recommendations for design and methodology and come with NIST-traceable calibrations for measurements that can be trusted, even with narrow band sources.For more information about any of these systems or components please visit Labsphere: Labsphere is a global leader in innovative light measurement technology. Products include light measurement systems for LEDs, lasers, and traditional light sources; uniform light sources to calibrate imaging devices and camera systems in the visible and IR; and reflectance standards for calibrating spectroscopic measurement systems. Labsphere also provides systems and components to OEMs in numerous industries, including spectroscopy, laser diode test and measurement, semiconductor, and medical.

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