ROHM next-generation miniature Chip LEDs: PicoLED™-eco, PicoLED™-RGB and PicoLED™-mini

Sept. 10, 2007
Date Announced: 10 Sep 2007 ROHM’s PicoLED™ series chip LEDs feature both the smallest volume and area in the industry. In addition to the original SML-P12 series PicoLED™, ROHM has expanded its lineup to include PicoLED™-eco, PicoLED™-RGB and the industry’s smallest PicoLED™-mini.ROHM’s PicoLED™-eco (SML-P11 series) ultra-compact LEDs feature high brightness with lower power consumption. Patented technology results in twice the brightness as conventional products in the low 1mA current region. Energy consumption is approximately 50% less at the same brightness and its ultra-compact thin size (1.0mmx0.6mm, t=0.2mm) is 53% and 74% smaller in area and volume, respectively, than the conventional 0603 size.Available in a range of colors (red, orange, yellow, green), their low power consumption makes them ideal for compact portable, battery driven devices as well as small, thin, low-energy products such as 1.5mm pitch high-density dot matrices and 0.2-inch font height seven-segment light sources, which were previously impossible to develop. ROHM’s PicoLED™-RGB series ultra-compact 3-color LEDs are ideal for customers seeking to minimize size and energy consumption while having the ability to differentiate their products in an industry increasingly focused on visual appearance rather than functionality. Two package configurations are available: the industry’s smallest, thinnest top view type (4-pin: 1.0x1.0x0.2mm, 6-pin: 1.5x1.0x0.2mm) and the thinnest side view type in the industry (0.5mm thick). These 3-color LEDs provide the ideal solution for sets requiring full-color capability in the smallest form factor possible such as color indicator displays in mobile phones, illumination lighting for handheld gaming devices, and compact, full-color dot matrix displays.ROHM’s PicoLED™-mini was developed in response to the progression of miniaturizing electronic devices which demand smaller components. At 0.6mm×0.3mm×0.2mm, surface area is reduced by 70% over the original 1006(0402)-sized PicoLED™ (1.0×0.6×0.2mm), making it the smallest LED in the industry to date. The full-color lineup (red x 2, orange, yellow, green, yellowish green, blue, and white) and ultra-compact, thin size ensure compatibility with virtually any set– even those previously unable to incorporate LEDs due to size restrictions. All of ROHM’s LEDs feature 4-element construction (AlGaInP) which prevents brightness degradation as well as ensure reliable, long-term use.Pricing and availability:PicoLED™-eco samples are available at a cost of $0.08/unit, with mass production scheduled to begin in December 2007.PicoLED™-RGB samples are available at a cost of $1.20/unit, with mass production scheduled to begin in October 2007. PicoLED™-mini samples are available at a cost of $0.65/unit, with mass production scheduled to begin in October 2007. Applications:• Mobile phone key pads• Digital cameras• High density dot matrix displays• Compact seven-segment display devices• Handheld gaming devices• Other compact, low profile applicationsFeatures:PicoLED™-eco:• Thin, ultra-compact size: 1.0mm×0.6mm, t=0.2mm • High 1mA brightness- approximately twice as bright as conventional products • Reduces energy consumption in compact portable devices, increasing battery life • Available in a range of colors: red, orange, yellow and greenPicoLED™-RGB:• Two package types offered -- Top view types: SMLP34 series (4-pin, 1.0×1.0×0.2mm)– the industry’s smallest, thinnest* RGB LEDs SMLP36 series (6-pin, 1.5×1.0×0.2mm) -- Side view type: SML03 series (2.7×0.95×0.5mm)– the thinnest in the industry• Ideal for indicator displays in mobile phones, illumination lighting in compact devices, and full-color dot matrix displays• RGB 3-color emission for full-color display capability PicoLED™-mini:• Ultra-thin, ultra-compact package: 0.6mm×0.3mm, t=0.2.• Ideal for use as injector lamps or matrix displays in small portable devices and sets with narrow spaces.• High-brightness elements available in a variety of colors: red, orange, yellow, green, yellowish green, blue and white.About ROHM:ROHM is the industry leader in system LSI, discrete components and module products, utilizing the latest in semiconductor technology. ROHM's proprietary production system, which includes some of the most advanced automation technology, is a major factor in keeping it at the forefront of the electronic component manufacturing industry. In addition to its development of electronic components, ROHM has also developed its own production system so that it can focus on specific aspects of customized product development. ROHM employs highly skilled engineers with expertise in all aspects of design, development and production. This allows ROHM the flexibility to take on a wide range of applications and projects and the capability to serve valuable clients in the automotive, telecommunication and computer sectors as well as consumer OEMs.

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