Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions to debut at PLASA 2007

Sept. 6, 2007
Date Announced: 06 Sep 2007 -- Demonstrates full range of LED lighting systems and technologies for entertainment and event productionBurlington, MA - Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions, the new entity formed by Philips' acquisition of Color Kinetics, will showcase a wide range of lighting systems and technologies at PLASA 2007 in London next week - demonstrating a complete end-to-end approach to LED lighting for entertainment and event production. From rugged, easily mountable fixtures to versatile controllers, power supplies and accessories, Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions meets the rigorous demands of temporary and touring stage environments with a fully integrated LED lighting solution.Intelligent LED lighting systems are increasingly displacing conventional light sources in entertainment and event production, given their ease of digital control, long source life, durable physical nature and lack of radiated heat, among other benefits.While LEDs are advancing rapidly, they are but one component of a multi-layered system that's required to truly realize the sources' potential. Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions is uniquely able to deliver complete entertainment-specific systems based on expertise derived from many hundreds of applications in the field - from television and film to theater productions, concerts and themed restaurants.The following innovations, among others, will be displayed at PLASA (Stand A39).Entertainment-ready fixturesiW Blast 12 TR - a new white light system with variable color temperature and "tour-friendly" features, including a replaceable lens, protective face cover, standard XLR connectors and a housing that easily accommodates various truss clamps.ColorBlast® 12 TR - an RGB system that projects saturated, controllable color with the touring-specific features as listed above.ColorBlast 12 TR UV - a unique ultra-violet (UV) system designed for "black light" applications in stage and set environments. Unlike traditional UV fixtures, it uses LED technology and advanced optics to provide strobing and dimming of UV light without the need for blinders, dowsers, or other moving components. It features the same touring-specific features as listed above. iColor® Accent Powercore - a direct-view, linear RGB "tube" that enables a new realm of applications where video and light converge. It's the only product of its kind to offer control resolution in increments as small as 1.2" (3 cm), allowing it to run video, graphics and intricately designed effects in any interior or exterior environment. It incorporates Powercore® technology to directly accept line voltage, eliminating the need for external power supplies and simplifying installation.Entertainment-ready power suppliesPDS-750 TR - a power/data supply designed by City Theatrical, Inc. specifically to withstand the taxing nature of temporary installations. The easily connectable, multi-output device is available in a variety of configurations, including one with City Theatrical's WDS Wireless Data SystemT receivers built in for wireless operation. It is compatible with DMX-based control systems and supports iW Blast 12 TR, ColorBlast 12 TR, and ColorBlast 12 TR UV fixtures. sPDS-480ca - a multi-output, rack-mountable power/data supply that streamlines installation by supporting higher quantities of low-voltage fixtures. It allows users to monitor activity, trouble shoot and configure light fixtures with a simple keypad on its front panel. It is compatible with Ethernet-based control systems and supports large-scale installations that may scale to many thousands of individually controlled LED nodes or fixtures that incorporate Chromasic® technology. Versatile control optionsVideo System Manager - an integrated software/hardware solution that enables Video With Light. It converts standard live video signals from a variety of media sources, including media servers, DVD players, camcorders, and personal computers, and streams the video content to Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions' LED-based fixtures or nodes -essentially reproducing video effects in a lighting installation. The Ethernet-based Video System Engine is available in a rack-mountable version that's ideally suited for touring applications. At the PLASA stand, Video System Manager will easily integrate with a Hippotizer media server by Green Hippo, Ltd. to enable video-based lighting effects.Industry-wide compatibility - All of Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions' intelligent LED fixtures are fully compatible with the DMX control systems that are common throughout the entertainment industry. This means that entertainment venues can take advantage of the latest LED lighting fixtures while using the control systems they already have in place. To demonstrate ease of integration, an ETC SmartFade console - commonly used in theaters -- will be used to control a portion of the fixtures lighting the stand at PLASA.

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