TerraLUX LED upgrade kits for MagLite flashlights

Sept. 1, 2007
Date Announced: 01 Sep 2007 TerraLUX of Boulder, Colorado USA introduces LED Upgrade kits for MagLite flashlightsWe don’t make Maglites –We make them better!TerraLUX has LED upgrade kits for all MagLite flashlights.Even the rechargeables!Visit www.terraluxcorp.com to find a TerraLUX LED upgrade for any MagLite flashlightFeatures * Brilliant white light – the brightest LEDs available* Electronically regulated for constant light output – for the entire life of the batteries. * Efficient – Dramatically extends battery life* Drop in upgrades* Reversible – no modification necessary* Maintains ability to focus* Rugged and Reliable – LED is virtually unbreakable* Never needs replacing * Economical – Pays for itself in savings on batteries and incandescent bulbs* Attractive / Informative packaging

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Web Site:www.terraluxcorp.com