Miniature surface-mount infrared LEDs and sensors for portable applications

Nov. 27, 2007
Date Announced: 27 Nov 2007 OPTEK's comprehensive range of miniature surface mount infrared LEDs and phototransistors is now fully available from Pacer International.Design engineers need infrared sensing components in ever smaller packages, and this cost effective range addresses applications including portable electronics, appliances, industrial and automotive systems. The OP2xx series of IR LEDs includes high power versions in 0805, 1206 and PLCC2 packages, narrow beam IR LEDs in 1.9mm packages and wide beam IR LEDs in plastic leadless chip carrier (PLCC2, 1206 and 0805). All OP2xx devices are GaAlAs LEDs (880nm wavelength) with 30V reverse voltage, 1.5V forward voltage, 50mA continuous forward current and power dissipation of 130mW at 25°C.The OP5xx series of silicon phototransistors includes NPN silicon phototransistors in 1206 packages, narrow beam devices in 1.9mm packages and wide beam parts in PLCC2, 1206 and 0805. All OP5xx devices are NPN phototransistors with collector-emitter voltage of 30V, emitter-collector voltage of 5V, collector current of 20mA and power dissipation of 75mW at 25°C.All devices are rated for operation from -25°C to +85°C, and all are fully compatible with automated surface mount placement equipment and high temperature (260°C) lead free soldering processes, representing a significant manufacturing cost saving.

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