LED pharmacy cross display

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LED cross display
Description usage:
LED pharmacy cross is a very effective visual message display for hospital, pharmacy, medicine store and other applications, fundamental to be always present and to signal one's own presence to the customers and the whole city. Being visible even from great distance and provide an effective communication through the alphanumerical, and / or graphic display is indispensable for a modern pharmacy.

Pharmacy cross is a lot more of a bright sign: It's a system that allows to communicate with the potential customers and the all citizenship, an installation that confirms further the professionalism of a pharmacy and moreover is an informative tool that gives back an important service to the community.

The cross is controlled by infrared remote controller, also you can update the contents into the cross sign by computer.
LED cross includes the following items:
1. 10pcs LED (green) modules assembly (including 10pcs LED boards and 10pcs dive boards)
2. 1pcs control box (including 1pcs power supply and 1pcs control board)
3. 1pcs infrared remote controller
4. 10pcs signal cables, 2pcs dc power cables and 1pcs ac power
1. Programmable message display
2. Part animations group preset inside the LED display
3. Time, date, temperature and graphic display like vms
4. RS232<->422 / 485 converter
5. Low power consumption, < 85W
6. CE / UL approval power supply
7. IP65 water-proof protection construction
8. PC Glass holder and PC glass, wall mounted parts and various frames for choices

1.Perfect color uniformity of LED pixels
2.Green LED (red / amber / blue, double & mix color, RGB customized)
3.Each dot matrix module has 16*16 LEDs
4.Brightness: Over 7500 CD/ ㎡
5.Low heat consumption, less than 85W
6.Module size: 30cm*30cm each side
7.Double sides, each side is consisted of 5pcs LED modules
8.Water-proof design
9.Metal frame / holder fixed on the wall, enhanced frame with PC glass holder for choices
Cables & wires have been installed inside. All connection parts are waterproof design
It’s easily edit texts in any European countries languages like French, Spanish, etc. animation mode, time + Date + temperature and graphic display etc. Like vms
Currently the software has 24 kinds of animation modes
12.Mannual is available in English, French , Romanian , Hellenic and Spanish
13.Package :Wooden box
1420mm*1140mm*220mm/set Net Weight: 35kgs/set

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