B&M Optik GmbH unveils glass aspheres for LED beam directing

Nov. 21, 2007
Date Announced: 21 Nov 2007 Improved performance and decreasing prices due to large scale production have allowed the use of LEDs for lighting applications not previously possible. The large angles of reflection that occur, especially with high-performance LEDs, are often undesirable and can be reduced significantly with the aid of optical elements.B & M Optik GmbH offers as standard a wide range of moulded glass lenses. These reduce the angle of reflection to between 55° and 12°,depending on the type of LED used and task to be performed. Cost effective solutions can therefore be achieved for large as well as small quantities.The advantages of these glass lenses compared with the plastic alternatives sometimes used are:- higher thermal stability with energy conversions of 10 W and more - the high non-aging characteristic compared to plastic making ducted cooling in many cases unneccessary- cost-effective solutions through the use of moulded glass aspheres- relatively low tool costs for individual customised versions- significant improvement to the uniformity of illumination - high UV resilience- special glasses for ultra-violet LED light up to 255 nm as well as for a high infra-red range- attractive, high-quality glass designB & M Optik GmbH offers a large range of glass aspheres with specially modified surfaces. The uniform quality of illumination may be improved significantly, allowing the use of simple lights, also for image processing. Additional anti-reflection coating increases the efficiency even further.

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