Linear 3-channel LED ballaster provides 3000:1 dimming capability for up to 24 LEDs

Nov. 23, 2007
Date Announced: 23 Nov 2007 Linear Technology has announced the LT3003, a LED ballaster that drives three separate strings of LEDs with 3% accurate current matching, delivering uniform LED brightness. The LT3003 is capable of driving up to 24 LEDs at 350mA each, three strings of 8 LEDs each, making it ideal for backlighting a wide variety of TFT-LCDs and heads-up display applications. The LT3003 operates in boost mode, Buck mode and Buck-Boost mode, enabling operation in many LED applications. Its wide input voltage range of 3V to 40V makes it versatile for most LED applications. True Color PWM Dimming™ enables dimming ratios of up to 3000:1 with a logic level signal at the PWM pin for all modes without the need of external level shifting circuitry. Packaged in an MSOP-10, the LT3003 offers a very compact, high accuracy LED ballasting solution.The LT3003's LED ballasting design is superior to conventional methods of running three separate channels with external ballast resistors which require expensive factory calibration. For applications with an input supply that varies above and below the output voltage of the LED strings, the LT3003 allows the LEDs to be returned to the input supply (Buck-Boost mode) instead of being limited to only SEPIC solutions. The LT3003 is ideal for use in designs with Linear Technology's LT1618, LT3474, LT3475, LT3476, LT3477 and LTC3783 LED drivers. The LT3003EMSE is available from stock in a 10-lead thermally enhanced MSOP-10 package. 1,000-piece pricing starts at $1.16 each.Summary of Features of the LT3003:* 3% LED Current Matching * Up to 350mA Continuous Current per LED String * Up to 3000:1 True Color PWM™ Dimming Range * PWM Input Disconnects LED Strings * Can Operate in Buck, Boost and Buck-Boost Modes * Wide Input Range: 3V to 40V * Over-temperature Outputs * Works with LT1618, LT3474, LT3475, LT3476, LT3477, LTC3783 * Thermally Enhanced 10-Pin MSOP Package

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