Osram LINEARlight track provides a band of lights

Nov. 22, 2007
Date Announced: 22 Nov 2007 The new track system LINEARlight Track by Osram sets a course for impressive lighting accents - with hassle free installation. The actual light source, a 2800 mm LEDmodule Linearlight POWER Flex, is a flexible and divisible module simply adhered to the housing. Connectors allow for continuous light strips with up to 500 lumens light output per metre with a colour temperature range between 2700 and 6500 Kelvin. The housing provides dust protection and optimum cooling for the LED modules - for outstanding durability and ultimate reliability. The track components are available in two sizes for precise adaptation to any desired length. LINEARlight Track comes with a choice of two covers: the prismatic cover version is perfectly suited for indirect cover lighting, the diffuse cover version provides best performance for any application where even direct illumination is required, such as corridors. Equipped with the appropriate OSRAM Optronic ballast this luminaire becomes a fully-fledged alternative to cold cathode and fluorescent lighting, offering the advantages of a longer life cycle, less maintenance, increased flexibility and overall cost reduction.

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