LED is lighting up while lightening the load

Nov. 13, 2007
Date Announced: 13 Nov 2007 Washington, DC -- CRS Electronics of Welland, Ontario, Canada, a noted LED lighting manufacturer today released its new LED lighting products for general illumination at the 2007 eeGLOBAL 2007 ENERGY EFFICIENCY GLOBAL FORUM & EXPOSITION in Washington, DC.As seen to date in traffic signals, tail lights, exit signs, holiday lights and architectural displays, LED is swiftly moving from indication to illumination. LED in lighting will reduce energy consumption and costs as well as it will reduce lighting relamping and associated maintenance costs, both reducing the environmental impact of lighting. Lighting currently contributes to at least 20% of North American and global energy consumption. Current incandescent lighting technology is based upon a filament and produces significant heat, which is a waste of energy. With LED, the energy is directed to light.Displayed at the eeGLOBAL EXPOSITION was the new CRS MR16 LED luminaire as well as an LED linear tube. The MR16 becomes the replacement for previous Halogen technology while the linear light can replace a fluorescent tube. In both instances, there are no gases and no mercury with LED, which are present in the older technologies. The LED version of the MR16 offers an 87% reduction in electricity, while the LED linear tube presents close to a 50% savings in energy. Because of a much longer life expectancy exceeding 40,000 hours, both products will be replaced less often, resulting in a far lower maintenance cost but more importantly placing less hazardous waste back into the environment.The MR16 replaces Halogen technology. There are no gases and no mercury with LED. The Sears Tower in Chicago has approximately 125,000 linear fluorescent tubes installed. If they were to convert to CRS LED linear tubes, the building would reduce its electricity consumption by 4,200,000 kWh and save over $ 420,000 in one year, based upon 10 hours per day operation over 300 days per year. This would also result in a reduction of 2881 tons of GHG from electricity generation. One major building could reduce electricity demand by 1.4 MW during peak daytime usage.CRS is a leader in the development of LED product applications in the transportation industry. CRS Electronics has been building LED Light Engines for 8 years; ever since high output LEDs were invented. CRS is an LED contract manufacturer of choice for more than 50 leading lighting companies with applications including aviation, architectural, retail display & signage, ng, navigation, casino slot machines, and many more. This breadth of experiences allows CRS to bring innovation and experience to any application, getting it to market sooner and more effectively."After years of experience through our involvement in LED product markets, CRS is pleased to be on the leading edge of the development of LED in general lighting.", says Scott Riesebosch, President of CRS Electronics. "We are quite enthused about our new products and how they will help reduce energy demand and consumption as well as benefit the environment" added Mr. Riesebosch.Noting the importance to also address and consider the quality of light and lighting effect, above and beyond the energy efficiency and low maintenance costs, CRS has developed LED products that will satisfy the architect, interior designer and office or retail planner."Although keeping the energy and environment always in mind, we were determined to provide a product that would be accepted within the design community as well, recognizing that there are specific light quality issues and requirements." said Mr. Riesebosch, adding, "We are confident that we can offer acceptable lighting quality as well as energy efficiency and overall performance."With the incandescent bulb facing a timely demise, LED is lighting the way to the future today and CRS is lighting the path.CRS … lighting evolved!About CRS Electronics:CRS Electronics is a privately held Canadian Company. CRS is known for LED Light Engine design in the transportation industry as well as for many other applications. CRS designs, develops and manufactures LED products in its facility located in Welland, Ontario, Canada. Scott Riesebosch is President of CRS and holds a degree in Electrical Engineering. Mr. Riesebosch was recognized in 2004 and Entrepreneur of the Year in the Niagara Region of Ontario.CRS Electronics has over 10 years of experience in manufacturing of light emitting diode light engines, optics and thermal management solutions. CRS has taken this experience and knowledge and incorporated their technology to provide, not only an extremely durable and reliable general illumination product, but also now one with greater energy efficiency, luminous efficacy and expected lifetime due to the employment of proven optics and thermal management technologies.While others are approaching the industry from a lighting only perspective and attempting to develop LED applications, CRS is already there.

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