precisExcite adds new LED wavelengths of 445 nm and 505 nm

Nov. 21, 2007
Date Announced: 21 Nov 2007 CoolLED is pleased to announce the release of additional LED Array Modules (LAMs) for CFP (445nm) and YFP (505nm) for their precisExcite® LED fluorescence excitation system.“Adding CFP and YFP excitations makes precisExcite® even more flexible for the cell biologist,” says Nick Edwards, Technical Director.Each LAM is a self-contained array of LEDs at a specific excitation wavelength which is mounted on an interchangeable module. Users of precisExcite® can simply remove and replace LAMs in their unit depending on the samples and fluorophores which they are using.The addition of 445nm & 505nm to the existing range of 400, 465, 525, 595 and 635nm LAMs makes precisExcite® more flexible and useful for fluorescence microscopists. precisExcite® is a modular LED light source where the user can select the wavelength of excitation and control the intensity & period of excitation very precisely. CoolLED technology uses high-power thermally-controlled LEDs with active cooling. This ensures that the LEDs are kept stable and intense throughout their working life. As new wavelengths are required, and intensity of LEDs continues, additional LED Array Modules (LAM®s) can be added and interchanged in the unit.Commenting on the release of these LAMs, Nick Edwards of CoolLED stated that, “Adding CFP and YFP excitations makes precisExcite® even more flexible for the cell biologist. We are very pleased to see the addition of two more wavelengths.” CoolLED is constantly assessing new LED material in order to add new wavelengths and anticipate further wavelength releases in the future. precisExcite® - Simply Better Control

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