LUXEON LEDs Light up Sydney’s Jewel in the Sky

Jan. 30, 2007
Date Announced: 30 Jan 2007 -- InterContinental Executive Club Lounge is added to Australia’s most famous skyline through the creative use of light.LUXEON® LEDs from Lumileds have been used to light the InterContinental Executive Club Lounge on the 32nd floor of the InterContinental Hotel in a project which provides a lounge for guests along with a viewing deck of Sydney’s Botanical Gardens and Harbour.NDYLIGHT specified Megabay Lighting Enterprises, a certified member of the LUXEON Lighting Network™, to create a relaxed, stylish environment through the creative use of light, while taking advantage of the stunning views of the city.As the new lounge is surrounded by glass on three sides, lighting design director, Susan Lambert, had the challenge of minimising the amount of interior light being reflected back into the lounge.To achieve this, NDYLIGHT’s solution for the Executive Lounge incorporates LUXEON® LEDs on both the interior and exterior. These are used to highlight individual elements of the design. On the interior side of the viewing windows, a lens was placed over the LEDs to produce a tight beam to illuminate the columns of the area, while also creating a pool of light on the ceiling above. On the exterior, NDYLIGHT recommended a blue LUXEON® LED with a domed diffuser to spread the light, highlighting the balustrade supports and the underside of the shelf bar situated above. The small size of LUXEON® LEDs, the ability to integrate them into the fittings and the lighting design ensured the views of Sydney Harbour were not obstructed. NDYLIGHT lighting director, Susan Lambert said: ”As the space has spectacular views on the three glazed sides, reflection in the glass was a constant consideration in the project design. We ensured the LUXEON® LEDs focused on the structural elements without interfering with the view of Sydney Harbour, keeping the view at the core of the project.”To create a relaxed atmosphere in the open-plan lounge, Lambert used LEDs to vary the light intensity from a direct light source over the food service area to pools of light over the circulation space. The brightness of the LEDs meant the spill and reflected light was a significant component for the general illumination in the seating areas and the only light source required on the exterior viewing deck. Jordan Tentori of Megabay Lighting Enterprises commented: “The lighting solution has provided the project with an extra dimension, highlighting both the architectural aspects and prestigious location of the Club lounge. By using LUXEON®, the designers were able to create stunning effects by placing light precisely where it is needed.”Steve Landau, of Lumileds, added: “The success of this project demonstrates how LUXEON® LEDs can provide a lighting solution where other light sources fail. By working with the designers, Megabay has created powerful lighting effects and demonstrated the countless benefits of lighting with LUXEON®.” Credits for Intercontinental Hotel, SydneyProject: Intercontinental Hotel Club Lounge, Sydney, AUSTRALIA Lighting Design - NDYLIGHT Susan Lambert Electrical Design - NDY Michael Markidis & Wendy MakPhotographer: Steve Back ( Fixture manufacturer: Megabay LED Manufacturer: Lumileds LightingAbout Lumileds Lighting Lumileds Lighting is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-power LEDs and a pioneer in the use of solid-state lighting solutions for everyday purposes including automotive lighting, camera flash, LCD displays and televisions, portable lighting, projection and general lighting. The company’s patented LUXEON® Power Light Sources are the first to combine the brightness of conventional lighting with the small footprint, long life and other advantages of LEDs. Lumileds also supplies core LED material and LED packaging, and manufactures billions of LEDs annually. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California, with operations in the Netherlands, Japan and Malaysia and sales offices throughout the world.

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