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Jan. 11, 2007
Date Announced: 11 Jan 2007 Anthony Batt has recently formed Kypai LED Lighting, a company devoted 100% to LED Lighting products.Kypai is a unique solutions provider offering the latest dynamic LED products, from 4-channel RGBA to wireless DMX control to installation.Kypai Ltd was founded in 2006 by Anthony Batt. Anthony has a vast amount of experience, along with a wealth of history working for LED lighting companies in key roles creating growth surges. Anthony quickly realised there is a growing need for experience coupled with Lighting Design, Installation, and perhaps most importantly of all is excellent designed products.The backbone behind the company is Anthony’s experience in a vast amount of sectors, enabling us to pull knowledge and advise. With a well rounded and fully trained personell we believe we offer the most comprehensive packages available from a one-stop shop of solutions, from design right through to DMX commissioning and install.We pride ourselves on our high quality products and design build ethics, which leaves us confident of a excellent core product range, diversing into specials requirements as and when they arise.The Company has its headquarters in Wellingborough and has factory facilities in Leeds.Kypai is proud to offer the following services; Product Design and Manufacture, Custom PCB solutions, DMX programming, LED Project Install and commissioning.We are delighted to acknowledge this update with a launch of a few new products that we think will offer a new approach to many similar existing solutions.1. 4 channel RGBA [Red, Green, Blue and amber] Linker LED modules designed for small coves, cornices, backlighting, undercabinets, hue lighting...the RGBA format offers a more desireable selection of pastel colours which you cannot achieve with RGB. For more information please ask for further details.2. 12 Seoul LED RGB Tri-Chip Colour mixing at source, This is our ColourScene range of LED flood lights which offers a small,compact design yet which is equivalent to standard 36w RGB formats but under half the size, coupled with a more homogenous colourmix at source the flood is a ideal choice for any exciting exterior project where good colour rendition is required.3. MR16 50mm 3xK2 LED downlight Package, available with Drive currents of 350/700/1A respectively.For more information please ask for further details.4. Superb 3 and 4 channel DMX LED Constant Current Drivers with Drive currents of 125mA/350mA/700mA/1000mA.For more information please ask for further details.We are proud to be different, constantly innovating and offering our clients the highest level of servicing at all times.

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