WT&T fiber-coupled LED and photo-diode for transmission link

Jan. 11, 2007
Date Announced: 11 Jan 2007 WT&T Inc pleased to introduce FC/PC connectorized coaxial LED (Model LE-3R) and silicon photo-detector mounted in FC-receptacle. LED produces up to 1 mW of optical power at the fiber end. A pair of devices developed for education and research labs and can be used for analog or digital transmission (up to 50 Mb/s).- LED mounted in 5.6 mm coaxial package and produces upto 1.5 mW at 630 nm.- Si photodiode mounted in FC receptacle- Both devices can be mounted on printed circuit board (PCB)- Optical fiber: POF980, 1-10 m long- Pair of devices can be used for 10-50 Mb/s optical transmission Please contact WT&T sales for further details.

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