Neo-Neon LED changeable channel letter (side illumination)

Jan. 9, 2007
Date Announced: 09 Jan 2007 As a leading decorative lighting company, Neo-Neon Holdings Ltd. has listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange on December 15, 2006.Neo-Neon Holding Ltd. is a technologically advanced enterprise specializing in R&D design, production, sales, and engineering of LED products. Neo-Neon recently researches a new product: LED Changeable Channel Letter (Side Illumination).Neo-Neon's LED Changeable Channel Letter (Side Illumination) is a channel letter lighting products that uses LEDs as light source, not only does it have a long lifespan and low consumption, but you can also change the bulb freely for repairing. It can be bent or adjusted to all kinds of shapes or colors according to clients' designs. For the electrical wire lies in the side of the lamp body, so it is easy to bend. It has been used for all kinds of border lights and channel letter signs, fixed with bolts or double side tape. Its low 5V voltage makes it safe to use and every single bulb is a unit; so you can cut freely. It can also be made in various colors according to clients' demands.It is the perfect solution for LED Changeable Channel Letter (Side Illumination) in sign industry. More information, please see our website:

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