Ultra thin colour segmented backlit interface panels now available from IGT Industries.

Jan. 19, 2007
Date Announced: 19 Jan 2007 IGT Industries Limited announce the availability of ultra thin, colour segmented backlighting in their man machine interface & keypad products through a licensing agreement with Design LED Products Limited."Customers from many markets have been asking for cost effective, thin backlighting products with good uniformity, independent illumination control of closely spaced icons. Using Design LEDs printed light guide technology we can now manufacture these parts with a thickness of 1mm," says Derek McLaughlan, Sales & Marketing Director of IGT Industries.Keypad backlighting is well established however using multiple lightguides creates a segmented backlight. Selective areas can then be illuminated indicating the valid choices available to the operator in each mode. Colour changing backlights can be created simply by using 2 LEDs within the lightguide and this is often used to indicate the operating mode.“We’re very pleased to be working with IGT Industries. In addition to established reputation and sales channels, they also have a host of value added services to provide customers with turnkey solutions to Industrial interfaces” added Iain Kyle, Business Manager for Design LED Products.About IGT IndustriesAwarded the prestigious Sony UK's Supplier of the Year 2005, IGT Industries have built up a consistent reputation for high quality, outstanding service and value for money over 20 years. They are active in Medical, Aviation, Marine Electronics, Instrumentation and many other markets.

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