Lumi-Tech releases new phosphor R-1

Aug. 26, 2007
Date Announced: 26 Aug 2007 The new R-1 phosphor from Lumi-tech emits red light to improve the color quality of white LED lighting. The red portion of white LED lighting is important, especially when considering the performance of white LEDs as lighting fixture. The industry has been trying many kinds of red phosphor till now. Almost all red phosphors are excited by blue light from around 400 to 480 nm, and are used together with a green-emitting phosphor such as YAG. Of course, this approach is suitable for RGB mixing. Lumi-Tech has taken another direction and has invented a new phosphor that creates red emission around 620nm when excited by a green LED. Blue light is not strongly attenuated by the R-1 phosphor, and it is able to make a contribution to the white light spectrum.Lumi-Tech also uses the RGB mixing method, but its method is to used two chips (blue and green) and one phosphor. Alternatively, for an LED that emits two wavelengths, white light can be realized by one chip and one phosphor. To use R-1 to produce white light is the closest approach to real RGB white color mixing.If you need more information of R-1 phosphor and our company, please click and find our website, or ask us on e-mail in English or Japanese.


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