Luminus Devices’ Phlatlight™ LEDs illuminate six new models of slim DLP® HDTVs from Samsung

Aug. 2, 2007
Date Announced: 02 Aug 2007 Woburn, Massachusetts, USA – Luminus Devices, Inc. today announced that Samsung Electronics Canada Inc. has begun shipping its new line of Slim Depth LED Engine Widescreen DLP® HDTVs with 1080p resolution, featuring Luminus’ patented PhlatLight™ LED technology. The six new models use Luminus’ high-powered, energy-efficient LED illumination in place of a UHP or arc lamp, the traditional light source found in most projection TVs. Samsung’s new LED-based Slim DLP HDTVs are on store shelves now at Canadian national retailers including, Best Buy, Future Shop and The Brick.Luminus’ PhlatLight LED technology is setting a new standard in HDTV performance and reliability. This innovative illumination technology is a revolutionary light source that lasts the entire lifetime of the TV and delivers a consistent picture without fading, saving consumers lamp replacement costs and inconvenience over the life of the set. Televisions powered by PhlatLight technology produce over 40 percent more color than traditional lamp-based TVs due to the technology’s unique ability to individually create pure, primary colors, which allows owners to enjoy superior color reproduction. PhlatLight technology eliminates mechanical noise that is sometimes prevalent in TVs that are equipped with color wheels. Since bulb warm-up time is unnecessary, the picture appears instantly with full brightness. In addition, TVs with PhlatLight illumination are more environmentally friendly because they eliminate the conventional lamp that requires repeated replacement during the lifetime of the TV.According to research from DisplaySearch, the worldwide leader in display market research and consulting, Samsung is the world market share leader in total television unit sales and revenue. Additionally, DLP is the world’s leading rear projection display technology and Samsung is the worldwide market share leader in DLP rear projection sales. In 2006, Samsung introduced the first LED DLP, the award-winning HL-S5679W, and the first Slim DLP, the HLS4676S. Both categories were so well received that Samsung has combined their respective virtues to create a new, expanded category of Slim LED DLP HDTVs. This year’s product line includes six new models: the HL-T5087S, HL-T5687S, HL-T6187S, HL-T5089S, HL-T5689S, and HL-T6189S – available in three large screen sizes: 50-, 56- and 61-inch. “We’ve taken the best features from our LED DLP model from last year, which uses Luminus’ PhlatLight technology, and combined it with our new Slim DLP design to create six new models to deliver one of our most innovative product lines yet,” said James Murphy, senior director, Consumer Electronics Division, Samsung Electronics Canada. “By incorporating the performance advantages and energy efficiency that PhlatLight LEDs provide, we are able to bring more value and flexibility to the consumer and produce one of the best viewing experiences available on large screen HDTVs today.” The new models are illuminated using a single PhlatLight PT120 red, green and blue LED chipset, which was specifically designed and optimized for use with the Texas Instruments xHD5 1080p DLP chipset. The PT120’s RGB LEDs combine to produce more than 1,600 white lumens. The PhlatLight chips can be rapidly pulsed, eliminating the color wheel. This enables the Samsung TV to cycle colors 16 times faster than a standard color wheel system, creating a smooth, stable color and superior motion quality. The new models boast a sleek cabinet design that is 3.0 inches less in height and 2.0 inches less in depth and width than the previous Samsung LED DLP. The depth of the cabinets is as low as 13.4 inches, and they are light enough to mount to a wall. Their revolutionary thin bezel allows the sets to fit in spaces that a flat screen TV of an equivalent screen size will not fit into. Additionally, consumers get the benefit of this slim design in large screen sizes that consume less energy than their flat panel counterparts.Samsung’s 2007 DLP line-up combines the color saturation and long lifetime of PhlatLight LEDs, the high resolution DLP technology, and Samsung’s new slim and lightweight cabinet design, to give consumers a superior viewing experience. Luminus Devices and Samsung Canada have created custom, educational training tools for salespeople to help promote the new line of PhlatLight LED-illuminated HDTVs. The tools include an active demonstration box featuring working RGB PhlatLight chips that light up so salespeople can become familiar with the brightness and purity of this unique light source. Due to the new nature of LED illuminated sets, retail salespeople also get a quick facts card that includes an actual sample of a PhlatLight chip and an explanation of the technology, its features and benefits. Samsung’s new LED-based Slim DLP HDTVs start at $2399.99 MSRP. For more information, visit For more information on PhlatLight technology, visit About Samsung Electronics CanadaSamsung Electronics Canada, Inc. (SECA), a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., markets a broad range of award-winning, advanced digital consumer electronics, information systems and telecommunications products. SECA oversees the Canadian operations of Samsung's Consumer Electronics Division, Information Technology Division and Wireless Terminals Division. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd is proud to be a global TOP Olympic partner as the Wireless Communication Equipment Provider, having first become a worldwide Olympic Sponsor in 1997. For more information, please visit About Luminus DevicesLuminus Devices, Inc. develops and manufactures high performance solid state light sources customized for a variety of applications, including high definition TVs, video projectors, avionics displays, and lighting systems. Its PhlatLight™ (Photonic Lattice) LED products are the brightest and most versatile solid state light sources available today and are enabling innovative products and applications never before possible. Luminus Devices’ headquarters and primary manufacturing facilities are located in Woburn, Massachusetts, U.S.A. For more information, visit and

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