DSEM metal core substrate with bulk metal thermal conductivity

March 19, 2007
Date Announced: 19 Mar 2007 The traditional Metal Core Printed Circuit Board (MCPCB) or thermal substrate has a dielectric layer between the circuit layer and the metal base for electrical insulation. The dielectric layer has thermal conductivity ranges from 2W/m-k to 12W/m-k. More expensive material like ceramic has about 27W/m-k and AlN at 170W/m-k.DSEM's latest MCPCB has close to bulk metal thermal conductivity of 200W/m-k at the heat source area and programmable breakdown voltages at the electrical pads. The patented technology allows highly efficient in-plane and through-plane thermal conduction without compromising the electrical breakdown requirement at the electrical circuit areas. The patented metal technology can be a cost effective replacement technology for ceramic base substrate.DSEM's patented substrate does not use lamination or adhesive; thus, offering superior circuit peel strength at high operating temperature.

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