LED PANEL for an experiment of plantation: LM Board

March 22, 2007
Date Announced: 22 Mar 2007 Light of various colors (wavelength) can further the growth of plant. LED is now spotlighted as a light source of artificial plantation.ALPHA-ONE developed the LED panel with High PPFD (e.g. Red Panel: Max. 180umol.m2s1) installed 36 LEDs, namely LM board, whose emitting area is W55mm x L55mm x T20mm.The Panel with Blue (470nm), blue-green (505nm), green (525nm), yellow (590nm), red (660nm) and dark red (735nm) are prepared as a standard.The original container, a cable and a controller for LED panel are available as an option.Due to the reasonable cost and the compact size, it would be suitable for an experiment at school and/or experimental laboratory.The various colors (wavelengths) of LED in a customized array or a matrix are also available according to the customer's requirements.In addition, Alpha-One offers the service to design and supply the customized assembly PCB not only for the plantation purpose, but also for various applications.

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