Axiom spinoff AoTuroaLED launches LED T-Bar replacement kit

Feb. 17, 2010
Date Announced: 17 Feb 2010 Axiom NZ announced today that it has launched a new company focused on interior LED lighting designed to replace fluorescent. Operating under the AoTuroaLED Limited brand name the company's first product is designed to be a low cost retrofit for 2 ft x 4 ft T-Bar ceiling style fixtures that typically use four (4) T12 Fluorescent tubes or two (2) T8 Fluorescent tubes."There have been several LED tube products that have been introduced by companies in China that do not or cannot meet UL Safety standards," commented Dane Cardone, President of AoTuroaLED Limited in the USA. "The performance of AoTuroaLED fluorescent replacement kits are higher output than the fluorescent in the fixtures, about 70% less power, last 10X longer, and retail for about 1/2 the cost of any competing LED technology."The AoTuroaLED LED Retrofit KITs use Nichia of Japan, the world's largest LED company, White LEDs that have an operating efficacy of 120 lumens per watt, have a color temperature of Day Light Fluorescent of 5000 Kelvin, and a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 85 making them meet and exceed the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star ratings.Priced at only $199.00 USD the AoTuroaLED LED Retrofit KITs come with simple to install LED modules that require no tools or tape to attach and a power supply that drops in to replace the fluorescent ballast that operates at a universal input voltage of 90-277VAC 50/60Hz. The AoTuroaLED LED Retrofit KITs, designed to retrofit 2 ft x 4 ft existing fixtures, have a lumen output rating 4800 lumens and a lifetime rating of 100,000 hours or approximately 15-20 years of use in a typical office environment greatly reducing bulb replacement and maintenance costs. The Nichia LEDs are under driven to maximize product lifetime."Our simple yet high performance solution is what companies have been waiting for – companies used to be concerned with financial commitment to convert all of their fixtures to LED, now that road block has been removed," commented Stephanie Prather, Director and Founder of AoTuroaLED Limited in New Zealand. "Our new solutions are the highest performing products in the industry, are among the lowest cost, and are also designed to quickly retrofit every fixture in the market – we make good lighting solutions not fancy or decorative fixtures."The AoTuroaLED LED Retrofit KITs are only 48 Watts or approximately 70% less power than comparable fluorescent. They also meet and exceed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements for consistency of color temperature.About AoTuroaLED USAAoTuroaLED Limited is a New Zealand company focused on what the origin of its Maori name means – "Nature, the World, and the Production of the Light of Day" – by producing green eco-friendly LED technologies that outperform existing technologies but are reasonably priced and provide a compelling return on investment proposal. Company headquarters are based in the city of Auckland New Zealand. North American Sales Offices are in Southern California USA. LED systems are manufactured in New Zealand and power converters are manufactured by Axiom NZ in Taiwan.


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