Demo the Bolymin OLED BL series from APC displays+

Feb. 1, 2010
Date Announced: 01 Feb 2010 APC displays+ has introduced the Bolymin OLED BL series. Bolymin offers a range of standard passive matrix OLED displays. This emissive display technology features very wide viewing angles, high contrast ratios and fast response times for sharp, eye-catching images to make your product stand-out from the competition. OLED technology offers low power consumption and very thin displays with a minimal border area. Available in monochrome blue, yellow or white, with resolutions from 96x64 to 256x64, as well as full-colour, with resolutions of 128x128 and 160x128. The majority of these displays include on-board DC/DC converter and have either an 8-bit parallel or an SPI serial data interface. The full-colour displays are also available with bonded-on touch screens.Just announced by Bolymin is a brand new range of Active Matrix OLED displays from 2” to 4.3” diagonal active area with resolutions of 176x220 through 320x272 pixels.APC displays+ is happy to arrange a demonstration of Bolymin OLED displays on request.

Alan Marsh, Product Manager APC displays+

E-mail:[email protected]