Medien Werkzeuge: No. 1 in LED Display Boards for Winter Sports

Feb. 3, 2010
Date Announced: 03 Feb 2010 -- The new SMD-LED system digiTILE T12 is revolutionizing display boards and large-screen systems at outdoor sports events Medien Werkzeuge, the exclusive provider of LED displays for winter sports in the German-speaking region, has made the impossible a reality: LED display boards and video systems in previously inaccessible or hard to access areas. The new digiTILE T12 display offers both organizers and spectators top quality results due to its modular, light construction; minimal use of electricity; and improved resolution, whether during the current winter sports season or at public viewings of the soccer World Cup in South Africa this summer. First Time at the Starting Gate in Sölden The FIS Ski World Cup opening in Sölden (Tyrol, Austria) was not only the start of the 2009/2010 season for the athletes, but also the premiere for a minor technical revolution in sports. At this event, Austria’s Medien Werkzeuge demonstrated what is possible with the new LED system (Light Emitting Diode – see glossary) digiTILE T12 in an impressive way: For the every first time, LED display board systems were used in the starting area of a ski race at 3,000 m altitude. Icy slopes and a 35% incline are conditions that usually make it impossible to set up LED display boards. The digiTILE T12 system is a modular construction and low in weight, facilitating assembly or, as in this case, making assembly possible at all. A special substructure (so-called “snow-legs”) allows the putting up of these LED systems in the flat finishing area, as well as in the starting area in high alpine terrain. LED Display Boards “By Night” at Flachau and Schladming After the successful use of the displays in the women’s night slalom in Flachau (Salzburg, Austria) at the beginning of January, the men’s starting area in Schladming (Styria, Austria) was also lit up in an advertising-friendly manner. digiTILE T12 is basically the Sir Edmund Hillary of LED display board systems. It can be used on steep and hard to access terrain, where traditional, heavy and non-flexible systems fail despite the use of helicopters, crampons and special tools. digiTILE T12: Low Weight, Module System and Reduced Energy Consumption The digiTILE T12 system has a wide range of advantages in comparison to traditional LED systems. A 80 x 90 cm module only weighs 28 kg, about half the weight of a conventional LED screen, and is made up of two metal frames and six screens (see technical data sheet - Attachment), each of which can be transported separately. The module system allows for customized assembly of display boards and public viewing screens. This gives organizers and advertisers completely new, creative opportunities in design and use. Quick and simple assembly and disassembly saves time and money. With a maximum energy consumption of 270 watts, the digiTILE T12 uses 50% less energy than other LED systems. The higher density of pixels in the special SMD technology (Surface Mounted Design – see glossary) results in much better resolution and excellent image quality – state of the art in LED technology. (Technical details can be found on the technical data sheet – Attachment) And after the snow has melted.. ..Medien Werkzeuge will bring the 2010 Soccer World Cup to Europe The soccer Wolrd Cup 2010 in South Africa will be this year’s top event for sport fans. Medien Werkzeuge has already inspired crowds with LED installations in stadiums and fan areas at the UEFA EURO 2004 in Portugal, the FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany and the EURO 2008 in Austria and Switzerland. The use of the digiTILE T12 takes public viewing in Europe to a new level and guarantees easy handling for organizers, as well as excellent viewing and sport entertainment for the fans. The refined SMD technology also provides brilliant pictures for compact video walls. About The Company Medien Werkzeuge Kommunikations-Veranstaltungs GmbH owns more than 600 m² of LED rental equipment and is one of the top three LED rental companies in Europe. Medien Werkzeuge, founded in 2000, has offices in Vienna and Munich and generates an average annual turnover of EUR 3.5 million. Along with its global project partners, the company and its 11 full-time staff (8 in Austria, 2 in Germany, 1 in the Netherlands) set up flexible indoor and outdoor LED formats (display boards, video walls) for major international events in the fields of sports, culture and trade fairs. Images under: Simply click on the image you want and then click “download” in the upper row.

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