Marl MR11 and MR16 LED downlights available from APC hero

Feb. 2, 2010
Date Announced: 02 Feb 2010 Marl has launched MR11 and MR16 LED downlights, part of their expansion into architectural lighting which are available through APC hero"They will pay for themselves within a year when operated for 18-24 hours a day, and will last for nearly 6 years, 50,000 hours, continuous illumination," claim Marl.The 6W `256`MR 16 downlight matches the output of a 35W halogen light. "In most instances, it cam be powered from the same 12V AC or DC supply" says Marl. The sub-2W 257 series MR11 version comes in two power levels, equivalent to 20W and 10W halogen MR11s. The 10w reading lamp is the same shape and size as the MR11, whilst the 20W lamp is 10mm deeper. APC hero are able to supply a range of Mark products from high brightness LEDs, PCB mount LEDs, filament replacements and professional LEDs.To view the Marl shortform catalogue and to download product datasheets visit APC hero.

Chris Gill, Product Manager APC hero

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