Taiwan International Lighting Show: a dominant force in energy-efficient lighting and LED production.

Feb. 8, 2010
Date Announced: 08 Feb 2010 Taiwan is a leader in the illumination industry and a dominant force in energy-efficient lighting and LED production. The Taipei International Lighting Show (TILS),held March 12th through the 15th, will be the largest lighting show ever in Taiwan. This event offers the perfect platform for global lighting manufacturers and suppliers to display their highest quality lighting products and applications. Taipei International Lighting Show: www.tils.com.tw The coming show will include more than 150 exhibitors, including Philips, GE LED Asia, China Electric Manufacturing, and Neo-Neon International, alongside leading lighting companies in Taiwan. This show is a must see for buyers, sellers and everyone in the energy efficient lighting industry. Please contact me for free Registration to TILS 2010, along with information on government-sponsored travel incentives, such as free airfare or hotel accommodations. If you do not reach minimal requirements for these incentives, we can still provide discounted hotel rates and reduced airfare.

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