ETC introduces Fire and Ice LED fixtures

Feb. 17, 2010
Date Announced: 17 Feb 2010 Responding to demand for more of its Selador LED lighting fixtures, ETC is introducing two bold colour spectrum specific versions: Fire and Ice. Fire features a warm wash of saturated reds, oranges and ambers never before seen from LEDs or gels. Ice provides, in one powerhouse fixture, a palette of brilliant deep indigo, blue, cyan, green (and a touch of red) – the gamut of blue washes that designers seek for their lighting plots. Integral to the new Selador Vivid lineup, Fire and Ice offer these rich, lush colours while equalling or exceeding the brightness performance of conventional tungsten PAR fixtures and saving dramatically on electricity. In-depth product information, videos and photometrics can be found at As Tom Littrell, ETC Fixtures Product Manager, explains: “These are truly the tools of a new stage lighting design: super high intensity LED colour washes bright enough to blend seamlessly with the output of your conventional luminaires – while cutting power consumption. Ice, with its bright, rich hues, is up to 90% more efficient than conventional PAR wash lights gelled in certain blues.”In a typical colour application, Fire and Ice fixtures produce more light and consume less than 70 watts of power compared to their gelled tungsten counterparts at 575 watts. “Most productions regularly employ deep colours in their rigs – keeping blues and reds in use at all times,” says Littrell. “Fire and Ice provide those coveted colour spectrums at brightness levels that are usable all over the stage.”Going beyond theatre or broadcast production use, Fire and Ice are smart eco-friendly choices for any special lighting application. By replacing high powered single colour warm and cool conventional luminaires in themed environments ( theme parks, museums, restaurants, retail, casinos, etc.), facility managers can reap real savings in both power and maintenance. Fire and Ice can be used for dramatic accent lighting as well, lowering power consumption in any installation.Changes in LED technology have also prompted ETC to upgrade its popular Vivid fixture to the new, more eco-friendly Vivid-R, which provides much higher light output than the original – a stunning 50% increase – while consuming 10% less power. Vivid-R combines high power Luxeon Rebel LEDs and high efficiency lenses for its colour production and lighting punch. And because of the low heat output of all Selador Series LED fixtures, Vivid-R’s colours can be blazing without overheating the talent. For more information on ETC and its products, please visit

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