Martin Tripix superior LED exterior striplights

Feb. 2, 2010
Date Announced: 02 Feb 2010 IP65-rated LED striplights feature tricolor mixing for better quality color projectionMartin Professional adds to its rapidly growing range of innovative LED luminaries with the Tripix 1200™ and Tripix 300™, the first fixtures in a new line of IP65 rated outdoor LED striplights. Tripix are the first installation LED fixtures from Martin to offer single lens tricolor RGB mixing – a superior color wash system that projects a more uniform wash of color across a surface that eliminates the ugly color fringe shadows of competitive fixtures.Bright, uniform, choice of colorsTop quality tricolor LEDs (3-in-1 RGB) mixes color at the lens before it leaves the fixture, resulting in no multicolor fringe shadows, a more uniform distribution of color and a broader range of color choices, a level of quality that architects, LDs and installers will appreciate.Extremely bright when compared to competitor fixtures, Tripix offers an extended color gamut from pastels to saturates that are difficult to achieve with other tricolor fixtures. Tripix is electronically calibrated at the Martin factory for 100% color matching between fixtures with calibrated white output comparable to fluorescent fixtures, eliminating the need for a dedicated fixture.Beam angle optionsThe Tripix range comes with a choice of narrow, medium and wide diffuser options and the module is tiltable for precise optical aiming. The custom-designed lens system gives very narrow beam angles that have been difficult to achieve with tricolor LED fixtures in the past. Easy to control Controlled by industry standard DMX 512-A, Tripix offers intuitive RGB color control, as well as HSIC control of color for simple color temperature adjustments. For greater flexibility, a grouped pixel control option allows for control of 300, 600 or 1200 mm sections.Tripix is 0-100% dimmable for balance of brightness or the ability to respond intelligently to the availability of natural light. Simple to installTripix is built up around modular, inter-connectable units for fast set up. New IP65 quickplug connectors mean that installation takes only minutes with no knowledge of dynamic lighting systems or DMX required. The click-together plug-and-play system quickly installs on DIN rail, reducing logistical costs and hassle. Furthermore, Tripix automatically auto-addresses during set-up and 64 standalone programs are built in so users can get up and running fast.Architectural to commercial to entertainment Tripix is weatherproof rated at IP65 for the outdoor illumination of architectural and commercial settings: facades, walls, coves, ceilings, structures, bridges, canopies, design details or any application where uniform color right out of the fixture is desired. Available in 300 mm (1 ft) and 1200 mm (4 ft) lengths and made of robust extruded aluminum, Tripix’s slim design allows the luminaires to blend inconspicuously into architecture. Tripix will also fit perfectly into indoor applications as a decorative lighting effect. All the benefits of LEDTripix offers all the benefits of LED like greater reliability, less maintenance and increased energy efficiency for a lower cost of ownership. With a long lamp life rating and no movable parts, service intervals are few and far between. Also, Tripix is convection cooled so no fans or other moving parts are used. Rigorously tested and CE, ETL & CETL approved, Tripix is built for simplicity.

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