Sunovia gets PG&E approval for EvoLucia cobra-head LED street light

Feb. 8, 2010
Date Announced: 08 Feb 2010 Sunovia Energy Technologies (OTC Bulletin Board: SUNV) announced today that its EvoLucia™-brand 75W LED cobra head has been sanctioned by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) for inclusion in PG&E's LED Street Light Rebate Program.PG&E customers who install EvoLucia LED cobra head fixtures or replace existing fixtures with an EvoLucia LED cobra head fixture now qualify for both a lower monthly billing rate and a substantial rebate. PG&E's Street Light Rebate Program allows customers to significantly accelerate their payback period of the EvoLucia cobra head LED fixture (LED lighting payback periods refer to the time required to recover the costs of the new fixture through the improved energy efficiency and extended lifetimes of the LED fixture.) Combining the additional savings with EvoLucia's extended product life times and warranties will further advance the EvoLucia product families as the number one choice for both fiscally and environmentally responsible lighting solutions.The EvoLucia cobra head fixture is ideal for roadway and parking lot installations. The replacement of California's antiquated street lights with the new EvoLucia cobra head LED fixture would reduce the state's energy consumption by as much as 50% at each fixture. According to PG&E, only LED products that utilize the latest in LED technology and offer supreme energy savings, lighting quality, and lifetime benefits are approved for the program. To qualify for the PG&E LED Street Light Program rebate inclusion, LED products must meet the stringent performance standards that PG&E has developed with the guidance of the U.S. Department of Energy. For additional details about PG&E's Street Light Rebate Program, please visit the PG&E website at President, Bob Fugerer, stated, "Our proprietary Aimed Optics™ product development platform has the potential to revolutionize street lighting, and passing PG&E's rigorous quality and performance standards is certainly a validation of our technology and the incredible work that continues to be accomplished by the EvoLucia team." Fugerer added, "PG&E's Street Light Rebate Program is a model that is fiscally and environmentally responsible, and should be adopted by utilities all over the United States. I compliment PG&E for implementing a program that saves energy, saves money, reduces pollution and promotes both practical and technologically-advanced solutions within the street lighting markets."Dan Puccio, Senior Engineer at Sunovia, stated, "Our robust Aimed Optics product development platform allows us to engineer LED lighting fixtures that achieve the highest performance levels with fewer LEDs. We are capable of replacing virtually every inefficient bulb and/or fixture on the roadways today with a more energy efficient and economically responsible LED lighting solution. It is truly a pleasure to engineer products that reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and create a climate of healthy energy." About Sunovia Energy Technologies, Inc.Sunovia Energy Technologies is a Sarasota, FL-based company that commercializes and markets products within the LED lighting and solar markets that reduce carbon emissions, promote national security and preserve the environment. Sunovia owns the exclusive marketing rights to products produced by EPIR Technologies, Inc., including infrared sensors and devices for the civilian and military night vision markets.Sunovia's LED lighting technologies are among the most cost and energy-efficient in the world, and are marketed under the brand name EvoLucia(TM) ( owns a significant equity interest in Illinois-based EPIR Technologies, Inc., the pioneer of single crystal II-VI solar modules and a global leader in the field of IR sensors and IR imaging. EPIR's collective infrared knowledge and experience is believed to exceed that of any company in the world. Its founder, Chairman and CEO Dr. Sivalingam Sivananthan, is a recognized world leader in HgCdTe growth.EPIR holds the patent for growing CdTe directly on a Si readout integrated circuit, for which the company developed a manufacturing capability with Congressional support. Sunovia and EPIR co-own the solar technologies and solar products that are developed under the Exclusive Partnership Agreement. The Partners have a network of close collaborative relationships, including the Army Research Laboratory, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the Night Vision Electronic Sensors Directorate, BAE Systems, and other laboratories around the world.More information about the exclusive partnership between Sunovia and EPIR is available in Sunovia's Securities and Exchange filings at, or at the partners' Web sites, and Sunovia(TM) logo is a registered service mark of Sunovia Energy Technologies, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Sunovia Energy products and services and EvoLucia(TM) products and services are provided by Sunovia Energy Technologies, Inc.Forward-Looking StatementSome of the statements made by Sunovia in this press release are forward-looking in nature. Actual results may differ materially from those projected in forward-looking statements. Sunovia believes that its primary risk factors include, but are not limited to: development and maintenance of strategic acquisitions; domestic and international acceptance of our product lines; defending our intellectual property and proprietary rights; development of new products and services that meet customer demands and generate acceptable margins; successfully completing commercial testing of new technologies and systems to support new products and services; and attracting and retaining qualified management and other personnel. Additional information concerning these and other important factors can be found within Sunovia's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Statements in this press release should be evaluated in light of these important factors.


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