Sharp introduces MiniZeni LED: Small, flat, bright and cost-effective

Feb. 26, 2010
Date Announced: 26 Feb 2010 -- The new 'MiniZeni' series from Sharp radiates high efficiency, high CRI values of up to 87 and a long service life whilst also having a compact and cost-effective design.Hamburg -– Sharp has developed a new series of high-power LED modules. The six new models of the 'MiniZeni' series, which is the young daughter of the Zenigata series, represent yet another addition to the Sharp LED portfolio. The future-orientated product variants are characterised by four special features: they have compact outer dimensions and are extremely flat, economical and bright. Sharp 'MiniZeni' LED modules are substantially smaller than the models of the ZENIGATA LED modules; with dimensions of 15 x 12 x 1.6 millimetres, they only require 56% of the volume of their parent with approximately the same light output. An ceramic plate is also used as the carrier material. With a light output of up to 410 lumens (depending on the module), a substantially improved CRI value of at least 87 at all colour temperatures , Sharp sets new standards in light technology. The new models are available in two series: a 6.7 W and a 3.6W series. Sharp achieves high flexibility in the lighting design through the modular structure of its LED multi-chip modules. The fundamental components here are individual blue LEDs, coated with phosphorous, that are interconnected in a matrix and installed on the ceramic plate. With the 6.7 W Sharp 'MiniZeni' series, the square LED matrix consists of a total of 45 LEDs that are arranged in fifteen parallel-switched series of threes and achieve a luminous flux of 355 to 410 lm, depending on the model. On the other hand, the matrix of the 3.6 W consists of a total of 24 LEDs that are arranged in eight parallel-switched series of three and achieve a luminous flux of up to 230 lm. The benefit of multi-chip LEDs, compared with the large-scale single-chip LEDs with approximately the same luminous flux, lies in their homogeneous distribution of heat. Whereas the heat developing from high-power LEDs has to be transported away over a single point or a very small area, the lower temperatures of multi-chip LEDs resulting from low currents can be distributed and transported away over a larger area. This results in a substantial simplification of heat management. The ceramic carrier material is also characterised by a high surface quality, resulting in low surface roughness. This simplifies connection to the cooling element, making it as seamless as possible and creating excellent heat dissipation.The colour temperature of the three white light LED lighting modules lies in the range of 2,700 to 5,000 Kelvin with the shades 'Warm White' and 'Pure White'. The models of the 'MiniZeni' series have a substantially improved CRI value of 87, thanks to various phosphorous mixtures, and thus ensure colour fastness and attention to detail. This is vital everywhere where artificial light must not manipulate the illustration of the illuminated objects. 'High colour rendering' LED modules are therefore very much in demand in areas such as photography, medical technology (e.g. for OP lights), in shop window decoration and also in the presentation of merchandise. Merchandise can thus be effectively staged and give a store an unmistakeable image; you will also ensure an attractive purchasing experience for the customer. With regard to their high CRI values and their colour temperatures, the series of the 'MiniZeni' LED modules correspond to the requirements of the international Energy Star Programme, which specifies a CRI value of at least 80. They can thus be used both in innovative LED lighting systems and in those places where fluorescent tubes have previously been used as the light source. Thanks to the broad portfolio of its LED multi-chip modules, Sharp offers numerous marketable solutions for the use of LEDs as lighting for LED-based retrofit lamps. The luminous LED modules from Sharp are typically suitable for numerous applications such as office and commercial lighting, street lighting, architectural lighting, display lighting, backlighting, etc.Availability:Samples can already be obtained via the Sharp sales offices and distribution partners in Europe.Note:The availability of the products and components mentioned in this press release is restricted to the European markets. For availability of these products and components outside Europe, please check with the Sharp Device Sales Offices in the respective markets.About Sharp Microelectronics Europe:Sharp Microelectronics Europe, Hamburg, Germany, is a divisional company of Sharp Electronics (Europe) GmbH, which is a subsidiary of Sharp Corporation, Osaka, Japan. Sharp is a worldwide developer of core digital technologies shaping the next generation of electronic applications and products. With a portfolio of more than 2,000 components in the ranges of TFT LCDs in screen sizes up to 108 inches, high brightness white and colour LEDs, optoelectronics, CCD and CMOS camera sensors, photovoltaic components, RF-, IC- und LSI-components as well as advanced packaging and integration skills Sharp Microelectronics Europe offers groundbreaking solutions in particular for applications in automotive electronics, mobile / communications technology, industrial automation, TV- and consumer electronics, e-signage and LED based lighting technology. Sharp is dedicated to the improvement of people’s lives and environmental protection through the use of advanced technologies. Technology and product development at Sharp is strongly determined by innovation, quality, usability and saving of resources.

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