Sagentia amd Nualight partner on brighter LED illumination for retail food displays

Feb. 6, 2010
Date Announced: 06 Feb 2010 Sagentia, the award winning technology company, and Nualight Ltd, the specialist in LED lighting for food retail, have agreed a licensing deal. Sagentia has licensed its innovative high colour quality lighting technology to Nualight on an exclusive basis for the global food retail sector, enabling Nualight to offer the world’s brightest LED fixtures to the retail display equipment industry. The technology is the first in the world to use ultra efficiency LEDs to generate near perfect colour rendition across the full visible spectrum resulting in brighter, more vibrant displays for retailers. Nualight has pioneered the use of LED technology for reduced energy consumption and enhanced merchandising. By utilising Sagentia’s patented solution, the effects of natural lighting can be created when installing Nualight award winning LED fixtures. The deal further strengthens its leadership position in the food retail marketSagentia originally developed the technology for the medical industry and was recently recognised for the innovation at the Elektra 09 European Electronics Industry Awards. The solid-state technology means that the lights generate no heat, and requires very little maintenance. Efficiency is also exceptional using up to 70 per cent less energy than conventional lighting.Dr Euan Morrison, head of advanced optical and lighting technologies at Sagentia, comments: “ We are delighted to announce this deal with Nualight, which also marks the beginning of an exciting strategic partnership between the two companies. By incorporating our technology into its product range, Nualight will be able to offer a significant performance advantage to its customers, resulting in reduced energy costs and enhanced, more vibrant illumination systems. This will translate into a direct increase in profits for their retail customers through an increase in product sales.”Liam Kelly, Chief Executive at Nualight, said: “By entering into this agreement with Sagentia, Nualight is further demonstrating our commitment to delivering best-in-class merchandising products to our customers through advanced, energy efficient technology. Nualight has established itself as the lighting partner of choice for many of the world’s leading retailers and we aim to further grow our presence in the market by bringing innovative technology solutions to address merchandising challenges. Our relationship with Sagentia will enable us to bring the highest quality energy efficient lighting solutions into the retail environment and also enable us to capitalise on Sagentia’s expertise to develop breakthrough new product platforms.”

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