RAB Lighting launches 20W LED wallpack for outdoor use

Feb. 9, 2010
Date Announced: 09 Feb 2010 RAB Lighting shoots for the heart of the commercial outdoor lighting market with the introduction of an affordable LED product, the LPACK 20. RAB LED fixtures are a fraction of the initial cost of competitive products. The total cost of ownership of an LPACK 20 is reduced further with a 50,000 hour LED lamp life, eliminating the need for multiple lamp changes. The LPACK 20 competes with the traditional lighting alternatives in quality of light delivered. Night time simulations show the LPACK 20 outperforming 70W HPS wallpacks based on Lighting Facts Compliant IES LM-79 Testing results. Available in both warm and cool light, the 20 watt LPACK has two high-output, 10 watt LED light engines that deliver 70% of their rated lumens at 50,000 hours and have a voltage sensing driver for 120 up to 277 volts.The 20 watt LPACK is available in bronze or white finish and is suitable for both commercial and residential applications to light entrances, pathways and facades as either a downlight or uplight for Wet Locations. LPACK 20s are designed for mounting heights of up to 15 feet. A small carbon footprint is achieved with a unique design specifically engineered for LEDs which uses 50% less aluminum and glass than a standard wallpack. Advanced Thermal Management assures that LED Light Engine life is maximized with a thick, die-cast housing and heat-sinks that dissipate heat away from the critical LED components.All RAB LED products have a five year warranty, are UL Listed for Wet Locations and have earned the U.S. Department of Energy's Lighting Facts label. Additionally, the optical performance of the 20 watt LPACK is compliant with IESNA full-cutoff, fully shielded standards and has been awarded IDA Dark Skies Compliance. The LPACK 20 can be used on LEED buildings for Light Pollution Reduction credit.RAB Lighting offers a complete line of high quality residential and commercial outdoor lighting fixtures.

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