Gamma Scientific and Evolusys Technologies to join in the development of LED test equipment

Feb. 4, 2010
Date Announced: 04 Feb 2010 Evolusys Technologies, a Malaysian-based Company and a subsidiary of Micro Modular System Venture Berhad, a world-class provider of optoelectronics test and measurement systems, with products such as Optical Encoder and LED processing and test equipment, announced recently that it has partnered with US-based, Gamma Scientific, the world’s leader in high quality and high accurate light measurement instruments and solutions for all types of light measurement applications and LED characterization and test.This strategic partnership will enable Evolusys Technologies to apply Gamma Scientifics’ unique high quality, international laboratory traceable and accurate light measurement technology in their new LED test equipment to be marketed as “Lumere”. Evolusys Technologies’ possesses many years of experience in providing proven optoelectronics test system designs and integration. Combining technologies from each company’s areas of expertise provides excellent synergy and will provide customers with state-of-the-art LED test equipment and light measurement excellence. Lumere is an extremely high performance and low-cost LED test system consisting of a high performance spectroradiometer, source meter and special software. The spectroradiometer optical system design provides high accuracy and near-perfect repeatability via multi-element array technology. The results are highly repeatable, precise and faster measurements of LED spectral characteristics for all colors. The spectroradiometer provides Chromaticity (CIE1931 xy) accuracy of ±0.002 and Dominant wavelength accuracy of ±0.5 nm. The optical system design results in very low stray-light and provides superior accuracy for all color measurements. All optical accessories used for LED testing have been developed in accordance with CIE Pub. No. 127. The source meter is used to power the LED during the test and offers high-speed communication for data transfer and accurate supply voltages with current up to 20V and 2A. The Lumere test system is delivered together with the proprietary “LumereSoft” software specifically designed for LED production environment applications. The Lumere LED test equipment brings the precision of laboratory measurements to the production floor. This special feature is achieved by optimizing the system to combine the needed robustness for the production environment while maintaining the accuracy and precision of the measurements as in a laboratory setting. The Lumere LED test equipment has many proven advantages including, shorter test-times, absolute measurement capabilities and conformity with CIE-127, it also provides simple and fast calibration, not found in competitive products.The Lumere LED test equipment solution will be targeted at the LED processing market and will sell for approximately 25,000 USD in quantities of 10 units or more.About Gamma ScientificGamma Scientific, established in 1961, manufactures the world’s most comprehensive selection of light measurement instruments backed by the industry’s most knowledgeable support team. Products include spectroradiometers, photometers and radiometers, colorimeter, NIST traceable light sources and custom-configured instruments for applications.About Evolusys TechnologiesEvolusys Technologies specializes in delivering custom and standard optoelectronics test and measurement systems for high volume manufacturing needs. As a world-class provider of optoelectronics test and measurement systems, we have a strong commitment to innovation and our goal is to constantly be at the forefront of development, devising new solutions to existing problems and offering systems with capabilities well beyond industry norms.

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