EKTA presented a new generation processor/controller for its large LED video screens at ISE 2010 show

Feb. 6, 2010
Date Announced: 06 Feb 2010 Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2-4 February 2010. This year EKTA Company presented a new generation processor/controller for its LED products at ISE 2010 event. The new system named ERMAC/SPU 005 is a breakthrough in hi-end video processing technology for large LED displays and visualization equipment. It combines functions of different video processing devices into a single state-of-the-art solution. Its multi-purpose architecture supports all current EKTA visualization products including LED-Wall Outdoor and Indoor series, EasyLED line and creative WOW series.ERMAC features 18-bit processing and five independent image channels, one motherboard (MB) and four Add-In Cards (AiC), supports true HD (1080p, RGB 10bit) and four types of control interfaces, PCIe, USB, GE and stand-alone (embedded ARM9), allows up to sixteen different LED screens or digital panels in a chain and is compatible with all EKTA LED products. Its new processor, SPU-005, gives ultimate capabilities for controlling the company’s revolutionary high resolution iLVM 4C bf LED video display model with enhanced contrast ratio.EKTA is a highly-tailored technology company that develops, manufactures and provides system integration of LED display solutions for a variety of markets including DOOH media, branding, sports and events, television, corporate AV, leisure and entertainment, traffic and transportation. EKTA’s state-of-the-art, innovative, and user-friendly products answer the visualization requirements of the most hard-to-please clients. The company’s R&D and Manufacturing facilities are located in Ukraine. EKTA’s dealership network covers EU, CIS, Central Asia and Middle East regions. For 18 years of business activity EKTA has accomplished hundreds of LED display installation projects and thousands of LED equipment rentals in over 20 countries worldwide.

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