Multiform serves a cocktail of light from the MultiBar

Feb. 10, 2010
Date Announced: 10 Feb 2010 Providing a budget priced LED stage lighting system for Small Bands, Dance Groups, Exhibition Displays and Mobile DJs the MultiBar comprises 4 MultiSpot Eco RGB fixtures, mounted on a 1m. extruded ali cross bar housing the 16 Channel DMX controlled power supply. With a mains input of 90-250 V 50/60 Hz the Multibar will operate in most countries of the world. The MultiBar can be mounted on a 35mm dia. tripod stand, or suspended from a truss or lighting bar using a pair of hook clamps. Rugged metal brackets allow each fixture to be tilted and swivelled individuallyThe sophisticated switched mode power supply has 4 Internal and 3 DMX modes of operation.FADE (29 selectable fade patterns) - AUTO (33 selectable chase patterns) COLOR (19 selectable colour presets) - COLOR PATTERN (mixed scene mode with 9 presets) DMX PRESET (5 DMX channels to remotely control internal presets) DMX (16 DMX channels to control each luminare via RGB + master/strobe) SLAVE (12 DMX channels to control each luminaire via RGB) Situated at the rear is the user interface with 3-buttons, rotary control and a 3 digit LED display. An internal microphone and jack socket for a LC400F foot switch allows on stage sound to light control by musicians. Finally, DMX IN and OUT sockets with switched termination, facilitate easy connection of several MultiBars in Master/Slave operation or control by an external lighting desk.The MultiBar Eco LS4195 is supplied in a road proof flight case, with compartments for an optional LC400F footswitch and a MultiLED LC300H controller.Scheduled for release at the Pro Light & Sound show in Frankfurt - March 24th - 27ththe MultiBar will be available from Multiform’s distributors in April.For further information on the MultiBar stage lighting system, please visit our website at

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