ICON announces LED fixture that matches ceramic metal halide cost

May 16, 2010
Date Announced: 16 May 2010 North Kingstown, Rhode Island: ICON International today announced it has developed a breakthrough LED lighting fixture that for the first time won’t cost any more than the ceramic metal halide it replaces. The new fixture, Satellite 2120, is the result of two years of research and design by ICON’s expert team based in North Kingstown, Rhode Island.While the green energy benefits of LED lighting are well known, up until now LED lighting was priced significantly higher than other types of lighting making LED cost prohibitive. That is no longer the case with the introduction of ICON’s new Satellite 2120. “Our team knew that we had to make the cost of the Satellite 2120 the same as its non-LED counterparts in order to finally offer commercial lighting customers the chance to take advantage of this energy saving technology,” said Michael Goeller, ICON President. “Now, not only are we are able to offer affordable LED commercial lighting, there is also the added savings in maintenance, energy costs, and replacement bulbs.” In addition to designing the Satellite 2120 as a cost- neutral fixture, the ICON team also developed and incorporated cutting edge new LED technology. • ICON’s Satellite 2120 LED light lasts at least seven times longer than ceramic metal halide (CMH) lights• ICON’s Satellite 2120 only uses 21.4 watts as compared with the CMH 70 watt light- a 70% savings in energy usage. Unlike other LED lights, the Satellite 2120 has the same light intensity output or punch as the CMH 70 watt. • ICON’s Satellite 2120 is made from renewable materials and was designed to have a minimal carbon footprint.• ICON’s Satellite 2120’s special convex lens is designed to eliminate glare and increase cut off angles allowing for precise spotlighting. • ICON’s Satellite 2120 is in the process of receiving Energy Star classification.• ICON’s Satellite 2 futuristic design incorporates aluminum fins which efficiently dissipate heat and maximize the LED life.Already ICON has launched the new Satellite 2120 lighting system for a preferred Grocery customer and is currently working on a specialized system for the Boston Aquarium. “With the Satellite 2120 now cost- neutral its applications make sense for any number of settings,” said Goeller, ICON President. “Since the Satellite 2120 produces little heat and minimizes UV rays it eliminates accelerated ripening of produce and flowers. It won’t fade upholstery. And since we precisely provide color and light saturation we can duplicate natural light, or change the color hue.”Note: Interviews, photographs and design sketches available upon request.About ICON: ICON International is a privately held full service commercial lighting company. A platinum member of the U.S. Green Energy Council, ICON has embedded sustainability ideals in its products and actions. For more than 60 years, ICON has delivered unique, high-quality lighting for its customers. The company’s tradition of quality, innovation and customer service coupled with an experienced and creative Research and Design team have consistently set the standard for industry lighting solutions.

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