Osram Sylvania introduces Elique Designer Series LED lamps

May 12, 2010
Date Announced: 12 May 2010 Las Vegas and Danvers, Mass. (May 12, 2010) OSRAM SYLVANIA, a proud leader in the evolution of LED lighting solutions, is pleased to introduce its newest line of design-inspired LED products, the Elique Designer Series. Until now, the use of LED technology has been mostly limited to accent lighting and general illumination, but OSRAM SYLVANIA is paving the way in providing innovative LED solutions for a wide variety of applications. Complementing SYLVANIA’s ULTRA High Performance Series, offering a full line of LED solutions for ambient, task and accent lighting, the new Elique Designer Series adds a range of creative and decorative LED solutions. The Elique Designer Series combines style and elegance with the high performance and environmental benefits that SYLVANIA LEDs are known for, including longevity and energy efficiency. With the Elique Designer Series, the benefits of LEDs can be utilized in a wider variety of applications, proving that decorative lighting is now more versatile and imaginative than ever before. The new Elique Designer Series of LED solutions includes the LED B10 and LED Pendant Lamp, both revolutionizing the way LED lighting can be used. Elique Designer Series LED B10 B10 (candelabra) lamps are frequently used in residential and hospitality applications to provide decorative, elegant lighting in ceiling and wall-mounted fixtures, and the incandescent B10 is currently the most popular lamp used in chandeliers. New from SYLVANIA, the Elique Designer Series LED B10 preserves the light and sparkle of the incandescent B10 to enhance the classic beauty of chandelier fixtures, while providing the benefits of LED technology. In this LED B10 lamp, the actual LED is enclosed in a clear glass envelope with a crystal-like light concentrator to uniquely fragment the light, adding style to the disbursement. In addition to its unique light disbursement, the Elique LED B10 features a stylishly designed candle-like base, creating an overall appearance that perfectly resembles a burning candle on chandelier fixtures that no CFL or other LED B10 lamps can deliver. The Elique LED B10 also features high color rendering quality for increased warmth, comfort and sophistication in living spaces. With over 70 percent less energy use and 16 times the life of an incandescent B10, the Elique Designer Series LED B10 provides the valued return on investment.Elique Designer Series LED Pendant Lamp Offering a brand new shape for a one-of-a-kind decorative lighting solutions, the new Elique Designer Series LED Pendant Lamp can beautifully enhance a pendant fixture, but is also stylish enough to be used on its own. Featuring an elegant, frosted colored glass exterior, the LED Pendant Lamp can be used for effective white light illumination, or it can be adjusted to illuminate through the glass for an entirely new and different lighting effect. The LED Pendant Lamp omits a warm white light at 3000K and offers excellent color rendering. The Elique Designer Series LED Pendant Lamp from OSRAM SYLVANIA is a unique light source that has not been available using traditional lighting technologies. Utilizing the long life and energy efficient features of LEDs, the LED Pendant Lamp can create a mood or add intrigue in a variety of residential, hospitality or retail applications. About OSRAM SYLVANIA:OSRAM SYLVANIA is a leader in lighting solutions and specialty products that feature innovative design and energy saving technology. The company sells products for homes, businesses and vehicles primarily under the SYLVANIA brand name, and also under the OSRAM brand. Headquartered in Danvers, Mass., OSRAM SYLVANIA is the North American operation of OSRAM GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens AG. For more information, visit www.sylvania.com.

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